About A++

The Author

I'm AJ Banda aka ajibanda, a Computer Engineering graduate from Philippines and currently working as a Design Engineer. I do tasks that involves programming, from web application, system administration, database management and even Rich-Internet Applications.

I've been around the industry since 2008 and I must say that I have done multiple sites already. I have created this blog for the sake of saving my codes online with a personal touch of comments and steps. Fortunately, this end up as an archive of all my codes and things that I encountered as a developer.

I guess, it as simple as saying "Hello World!"

What is ajibanda++?

Ajibanda++ (previously BTT - Beneath The Tree) officially started on year 2008 as an online reference. It was year 2010 wherein the site started to go beyond an online bookmark and started to go with tutorials, gadget and software review, algorithm example and other programming solutions.

I do feature non-techie articles too by giving opinions and reviews regarding different issues at a programmer's perspective.

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