Gamers want to enjoy more than just an online experience. They want to know what the game has to offer, who has created the game, how skilled the video game company is, and what’s the real story behind the idea. These things bring gaming to a whole new level.

A fabulous video game will always come with an inspired video game webpage. And that’s a feature that can make or break a game. The website must be extremely creative, have bright images, sliders, videos, rich graphics, leader boards and more. Just like everything else in life, first impressions matter the most. To incite fans and make them curious, a website is released before the video game, so a first preview should be extremely eye-catching and inspiring for players.

  1. Dead Island: Riptide

    It's a relatively simple webpage, yet it's extremely creative. It has lots of animations attached and several features that visitors can move with the cursor. As you enter the website you'll be surprised by the fine graphics and realistic animations meant to offer a unique viewing experience.

  2. The Last of Us

    The website for The Last of Us focuses on content. It includes all sorts of content widgets with media, links, images, and slides. As you navigate through the website you'll discover plenty of interesting things, such as articles, teasers, trailers and game play. The Last of Us webpage is among the best examples of content and has contributed to the game's popularity.

  3. Final Fantasy: A Realm Unborn

    This webpage has outstanding navigation. It's rich in captivating graphics that will capture your interest from the first second. It features lots or artistic photos, cool themed-buttons, 3D in-game images, and various characters from the real game. This webpage’s graphic design simply rocks!

  4. Saints Row IV

    The website for Saint Row IV is a combination between a video game community and a video game webpage. It uses a fancy silver and purple theme, and it features great content too. On the page there are numerous interesting sliders, profile customizations, community profiles, game characters, and cool graphic elements. For example, you will surely like the "Saint's Row" newspaper which is designed using JavaScript and CSS.

  5. Grand Theft Auto V

    We all know the game, but you know the official website? It's amazing! It features a simple and classic design, but has one impressive trait: a one-pager. In spite of its simplicity it's one of the most appreciated and visited video game websites.

  6. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    It's a really artistic website. It uses lots of attractive background photos and has very stylish video popup, as well as chic previous and next buttons. The social elements are truly impressive and visitors can navigate through page by using the special navigation bar. The webpage features a handy retailer promotion. Visitors are invited to use it for pre-orders.

  7. Tom Clancy's: The Division

    Last but not least, we have the Tom Clancy's: The Division page, which is another awesome combination between a community website and a video game website. It's the best example of how to promote an upcoming game. The webpage is relatively simple, yet it is designed perfectly for the game. It features a huge slider, ideal for photos with a high resolution, videos from the game and snapshots. It’s one of the best video game websites out there!

  8. World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

    Powered by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft - Cataclysm features a mind-blowing game website design. From the moment you click on the page, you’ll be amazed by the interface and really eye-popping golden shades. You just entered a world of undead Linch King Armies where the breaker of all worlds Deathwing unleashes his rage upon the sea and the land.

  9. Diablo 3

    20 years have gone since Prime Evils were banished and defeated from the Sanctuary, so now you have to go back to Tristam – the place where everything started. The stellar design of the website will surely convince you to try out the Diablo 3 experience.

  10. Uncharted 3

    Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3 is all about the quest of hunter Nathan Drake into the Arabian Desert. As far as the game design is concerned, players will surely love the hunting theme and excellent graphics execution.

  11. Avatar

    Ubisoft's Avatar is certainly alluring, and if you have seen the movie you know what to expect. The dark design of the web page keeps things interesting and alluring for players who enjoyed the movie in 3D.

  12. I am alive

    After a recent cataclysmic event that killed almost all humans, a man attempts to survive in a world of nothingness. Your goal is to find your wife and daughter, and we certainly find the website design puzzling and extremely motivating.

  13. Bioshock

    Bioshock dazzles players with some pretty powerful audios. Dynamic, insightful, and easy to browse through the site, the video game is all about excellent designs and a really amazing theme. Can you survive the Bioshock?

  14. Crisis

    Published by EA, Crisis is a first-person shooting game with a really vivid plot and interesting game idea. At a first glimpse, the game's website really manages to stimulate players who enjoyed movies like Predator.

  15. Mass Effect 3

    Are you ready to fight for the lost? Mass Effect 3 has something for everyone. Assemble your team of combatants, and get ready to enjoy a maddening experience. Build a customizable arsenal, benefit from an adrenalin-pumping, and drive into a virtual world of ruthless enemies.

  16. Metro – Last Night

    Who doesn't like a website that can bring them closer to the game’s action? Metro has a simple design that promotes content as well as the game's logos and stills. There's also a game video player theme on the home page meant to awake interest and make players even more curious.

  17. Watch Dogs

    The futuristic website of Watch Dogs promotes the game's social elements, attention grabbing aspect, and widgets. It's easy to navigate through, and in spite of the flat style of the design, players will still benefit from an unparalleled experience.

  18. Halo Waypoint

    Halo Waypoint combines style with creativity to create a website that's dead gorgeous. The homepage has a fresh Halo appeal which simplifies the browsing experience of the user. Some other add-ons to the page are Halo video players, forums, blogs, and game stats.

These are the best and most creative video game websites. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own web page, they will surely be of great assistance. Don’t forget the goal of such a page, which to inspire, incite, and spur interest, so you might have to work your butt off to make it incredibly good.

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