Although increasingly more apps are being launched on the market daily, websites continue to be widely used by most individuals. As a matter of fact, the world will always need an active web presence. Whether you run a small business or a huge corporation, you must have a website to ensure your online presence. Platforms like WordPress are widely popular and half a million sites are already using it.

Future of DMS in website design

WordPress – your best website creator

If you can handle a website, then you can use WordPress, which is great especially if you don't have too much experience with web design. Just like any other calm government systems, WordPress provides a plethora of themes that one can use to make sure his site stands out from the crowd. The best thing about WordPress themes is that you can change them as often as you want to update your appearance.

WordPress and numerous other site builders are based on convention over configuration so that users can manage their websites effortlessly. If you must handle a certain blog or a site, you have the possibility to go for processed themes that will transform your dull page into a really attractive one. The problem is that building a WordPress website entirely from scratch might be a little difficult.

Introducing DMS (Design Management System)

A new product launched by PageLines is about to make your life a lot easier. Known as DMS (Design Management System), the tool is available on WordPress just like any other theme, but it's completely different. DMS generates an interface that allows you to create your website with the help of various drag-and-drop components that can be easily found on top of the page. In other words, DMS is able to convert a pattern and build a WordPress website from scratch.

Those who don't know how to build a site have to keep in mind that there are two simple categories they can opt for: dynamic and immobile. A plain business label or a brochureware site comprises one or more pages that will preserve their appearance and won't go through any considerable changes. The "code" aspect of these sorts of websites (also referred to as immobile websites) is minimal and doesn't include too many features. There might be several blueprint variations created on shade size or some visible effects, but that's all. Still, people have noticed that Google doesn't like these immobile websites. Search engines in general want your site to be dynamic and regularly updated.

Future of DMS in website design

But instead of just updating the immobile text displayed on your website, you should consider adding entirely new pages. Therefore, numerous sites try to solve this Google problem by adding a blog to their initial page. Hence, immobile sites will eventually be turned into dynamic pages. If you're a web developer or engineer, you should know that making a new page for every blog post is not a good idea. If you choose to do it, you'll only end up wasting a lot of time and money. Besides, blog posts should feature certain elements, such as bylines and post dates so that readers can perceive the website as a trustworthy one.


Immobile vs. dynamic websites

Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress and all other purpose-built blogging platforms that have been introduced over the past few years don't even include a "blog" component. Nevertheless, one of the most important advantages of these platforms is that they allow users to build and handle a dynamic, template driven site effortlessly and quickly. Of course, you might be tempted to opt for a pre-built theme when creating a website, but is that your best choice? I don't think so. Even though customization can be pretty complicated, the results are amazing. Plus, WYSIWYG site builders are there to help you, so you should totally use them.

Last but not least, bear in mind that DMS is both fast and easy to customize, so you should face no difficulties in creating a website that can match your demands and boost your presence online. Don't forget that an immobile website won't capture the attention of your target audience. Hence, you should make sure you update the content as often as possible, and add all sorts of new pages to enhance the appearance of your website.

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