I wanted to remove the remembered username in the Skype Application. These usernames are automatically remembered and saved locally in a temporary location the moment you clicked the log in button.

Delete Skype Remembered Username on Windows


  1. Browse the Application Folder

    For Windows 7, just browse to C:\Users\[INSERT-USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Skype

    Another way of doing this is by typing %APPDATA% on the "search text box" on the Start Menu of Windows or on the "Run" feature on lower version such as XP.

    Delete Skype Remembered Username on Windows

    After that, browse to Skype folder.

  2. Delete the Folder

    On the APPDATA folder for skype, you may see a folder named same as your skype id. For the app to forget your username, simply delete that folder and restart your Skype Application (in case it is running).

    Delete Skype Remembered Username on Windows

    And that should do it.

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  1. Hahaha! You had this kind of post all along.
    And it was just yesterday that I've learned this one from an officemate.