How Live Chat Can Electrify Your Customer Base
Companies, bloggers and websites adopt the popular technology live chat to easily make contact with consumers. Live chat bridges the gap between impersonal emails and in-person exchanges. It's digital customer service with a personal touch. Live chat increases customer loyalty, builds consumer relationships and converts the casual shopper into a paying customer.

Provide One-On-One Support

Through live chat, a sales representative and online shopper can connect for one-on-one attention. When an online visitor browses a website that has a prominent "Help Chat" button or floating window, it serves as a sales associate who's available on the digital floor to answer questions and recommend products. Inc. notes that the delay in traditional communication between customers and small businesses often equates to lost opportunities. Email, for example, could take hours or days for a response. The real-time availability of live chat helps keep the consumer focused on a business' products and services and a forthcoming transaction.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Businesses achieve customer loyalty through repeated pleasant shopping experiences. Live chat improves a consumer's online shopping experience because frustration, for example, can be quickly mitigated by instant messaging with a helpful expert. This technological tool is a resourceful representation of your company. Implement a chat solution, such as live help at, and empower a customer to make a purchase. LivePerson associates help navigate a customer's shopping experience by answering questions, providing useful information and recommending products. Communication and connections improve your business's credibility, authority, reliability and trust. Customers return to the products and services of credible, authoritative, reliable and trustworthy businesses.

Understand the Customer

During a live chat session, opportunities exist for learning more about a customer's preferences. Conversations reveal to customer service associates what a customer really wants or needs. Consumers recognize the tactics of up-selling, and can react negatively. A live chat session though can create personal dialogue. As a result, a customer will feel more comfortable in a trusting digital environment. They'll be more open to explain what they're looking for. Chat platforms also provide customer data and analysis. You can learn about website visitors' and prospects' demographics, spending habits and likelihood to take action. Use this information as market research, even for updating existing product lines.

Give a Gentle Nudge

An available help window can influence an on-the-fence customer. First, the customer service associate creates a connection with the customer and inquires about their reason for visiting. Without being too pushy, provide details, product values and unique benefits of a service. People often just need reassurance that a product is what they're looking for and will meet their needs offline. Kissmetrics reports that a higher percentage of customers followed through with an online purchase after using chat than those who did not. Is live chat a technology essential for your company? Expect an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, a higher conversion rate, and valuable market information for improving products and services.

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Lauren StewartLauren Stewart - Lauren holds an MBA and writes for several tech blogs.

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