Filipinos Own Share to Mobile Industry
With the growing number of mobile phones, a lot of companies are starting to grow and start their own share in the mobile industry.

Being known as a country who enjoys texting so much, Pinoys started to create their own brand for the Filipinos -- nothing else but the MyPhone.

A brief flashback

MyPhone started as the first Filipino mobile phone brand that offers dual SIM mobility. Started on year 2007 of September by a group of friends led by David Lim who dreams on going against the international brands of the industry. They started to offer affordable phones to Filipinos until their sales started to grow and be known in the industry.

From the span of five years, MyPhone started to gain fame as a Filipino's own brand of mobile phone. With these, Filipinos consider this phone as an alternative choice in the growing industry of mobile technology.

Special Needs for Filipinos

Being the first known local phone, MyPhone offers its users their very own software. This software is exclusive on MyPhone devices that is customized for Filipinos.

With the evolving trend, MyPhone started to sell out SmartPhones too, most of which are powered by Android Technology. As compared to other brands, the price of these phones are much affordable for every Filipinos.

First Hand Experience

With the growing need to have a phone in this generation, I too had been purchasing different brands for my different needs. I bought my very first MyPhone two years ago. My first reason of buying one was because of it's affordable price and getting what I need for such a small amount as compared to very complex phones that are very pricy only to find in the end that what you need are just the basics. So far, I love the service I am getting with this phone.

As of now, MyPhone has gone a lot from an ordinary underdog in the industry to a Filipino's very own phone.

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