Tools to Put Your Web Development in the Cloud
Web managers in every field are utilizing cloud-based technology to improve hosting capabilities, security and accessibility. Cloud-based web hosting, storage, CRM and sharing software has enabled businesses and independent contractors to extend their services globally. It also allows service providers to assure customers that their content is protected in "the cloud," making a move to a cloud-based IDE the logical next step for web development. Paul Krill, of, says that cloud-based development tools, like Codenvy and Cloud9 IDE are luring developers over to the "cloud side." If you're looking for free cloud-based IDE resource apps Connor Turnbull of recommends MockFlow and DraftBoard. Tempted to know more? Read on.


Codenvy allows developers to create mobile Web apps with ease, any of which could be hosted with one of the top 10 cloud providers in 2013. Because it's open source, Codenvy lets developers deploy their apps via CloudBees, Amazon Web Services, and Google App Engine. According to its site, you can opt to use this service for free and use the open source version, or go with a more secure version and pay from $9 to $99, depending on what your needs are and whether or not your are a business that requires dedicated VMs and team management.

Cloud9 IDE

Called Google Docs for coders, Cloud9 IDE allows you to access your code from anywhere. This awesome app allows you to write, run, and de-bug your programs on a private or public platform for free if you go with the standard package. The $12 per month premium package offers a private platform. The standard version will get you one private workspace and three FTP workspaces, whereas the premium version offers six private workspaces, unlimited FTP workspaces and a connection to your own VM.


MockFlow is a free wireframing application that lets you drag and drop predefined elements onto your canvas. This program also allows you to easily switch between your synced desktop, mobile and tablet devices. You can also share designs with clients in any format on their own desktop or device.


Similar to Cloud9 IDE, Draftboard aids programmers and designers in the development process of a website. Designers and clients can work together simultaneously on a wireframe image or a complete site that's uploaded to the Draftboard app. When the app was first released, it was free and open source. Now that it has had some time to develop, the company is offering the standard version free for 30 days and then after that you can opt out or sign up for the freelancer's version, for $12 per month.

Whether you're on the go or looking for an app that will allow you to easily collaborate with other coders, these apps should help you and your creative team to get your project off the ground and flying.

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