Google Unveils a New Technology - the Talking Shoes!
Just months ago, Google announced their hi-tech glasses known as Google Glass that was developed by Google X Labs. It was shown how a simple wearable glass can be upgraded into a smart object that has an ability to interact with the Internet via voice commands.

Now, Google has again unveil another technology known as Google Shoes -- aka the "Talking Shoes"

What's with these Google Shoes?

It was reported that Google teamed up with Adidas for creating the said concept. They said that the shoes was smart enough, being powered by Android operating system, to know 250 phrases, track your physical activity and it can even communicate with your mobile phone.

These Adidas shoes, that was announced at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, has almost the same technology of a smartphone. It has an accelerometer for movements, a gyroscope for directions, a Bluetooth for connection and a pressure sensor. Aside from that, it also features a conical speaker that can be used to broadcast the phrases it knows.

Google's talking shoes powered by Android

The shoes can also monitor your physical activity and throw that information to your social networking accounts or can just shout out the words via audio with its own speakers. Now imagine what it will post on the Internet when you step on a poop!

Anyway, is out? Where can I get those Google Shoes?

Unfortunately, the said product is STILL a concept. An advertisement, created by 72andSunny and YesYesNo, was developed as an experiment to show the future of technology. Wearable items such as glass and shoes that can interact with the Internet are now close to possible.

It said that this could also be that Google is preparing the world for its coming product (Google Glass) which is reported to be release later this year.

Based on the video ad, the shoes are shown having its own Google Plus account and constantly reacting with its wearer's actions. It includes a voice that sounds a little bit robotic or system-generated like tone (similar to a Siri type of voice).

A Talking Shoe? uhm.. Siri is that you?

Speaking of Siri, to be honest, after watching the said advertisement, the first thing that pops into my mind was Siri of IPhone. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, since iOS is competing with Android (which is also from Google), could it be that they are competing with this feature by using this talking AI-like concept on a different object other than mobile phones?

Well, that is just my imagination speaking out loud. I'm not up for any debate regarding this matter. I'm just one of those few excited tech-savvy who can't wait for such technology to exists. Who knows, maybe the "mirror on the wall" from the Snow White's story might be the next Google's project. :)

Anyway, here is the ad as posted by GoogleVideos on YouTube, what can you say?

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