We all know that it's not what's on the outside that's important, but does that apply when it comes to video game boxes? Some have been so bad that it leaves you wondering what they were thinking. Did they run out of creative budget? Join me in a painful look at some of the worst we've ever seen with the hope that we never will again.

  1. Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys (PS2, 2006)

    Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys (PS2, 2006)

    This one takes the prize for creep factor. In all the renditions of Snow White I've seen through the years, this was the first to depict her in a Gothic sense. Maybe next time try to incorporate some facial piercings and tattoos. A black clothing ensemble would be more fitting for this group.

  2. Secret Command (Sega Master System, 1986)

    Secret Command (Sega Master System, 1986)

    This one is reminiscent of geometry class with a graph paper looking background. You don't often see such little effort put into something that is going to be sold for money. Okay, maybe the art department had an "off day", but surely someone along the assembly line of management had to take a look and say "really?"

  3. Strider (Genesis, 1990)

    Strider (Genesis, 1990)

    This attempt at a "superhero" look might have been okay in the mid-1980s, but it certainly should have been updated for a 1990 game. The whole spandex wearing, perfect hair looking dude out to save the world is about as corny as it gets. I certainly hope those CIA moms out there never let their son leave home looking like that!

  4. Cheggers Party Quiz (Wii, 2007)

    Cheggers Party Quiz (Wii, 2007)

    This strange cover art screams one thing: child molester! Stay away from Chegger and stay away from his party. If they were trying to pull off a visual of some type of game show host, they failed miserably. Richard Dawson never looked like he was going to grab someone with little scrawny arms.

  5. Final Zone II (Turbo CD, 1990)

    Final Zone II (Turbo CD, 1990)

    When it comes to amateur looking artwork, this one wins hands-down. It is busy with color, but looks more like an ad for a transformer toy than a video game. It's almost hard on the eyes to look at.

  6. Shaq Fu (SNES/Genesis, 1994)

    Shaq Fu (SNES/Genesis, 1994)

    Celebrities sell stuff. There's no doubt about it. Shaquille O'Neal was popular enough to seal quite a few games, but why didn't they train him to do something with his hands? Is he trying to grab something? Is he giving an S.O.S. sign? The jury is still out on whether it's a bad imitation of a Kung Fu move or arthritis.

  7. MegaMan (NES, 1987)

    MegaMan (NES, 1987)

    The confusing thing about this cover art is the awkward stance of the man. Either he is part amphibian or his knees are double jointed. It's hard to tell what else is in the picture because taking your eyes off the oddly bent man is impossible.

  8. Phalanx (SNES, 1992)

    Phalanx (SNES, 1992)

    Banjo playing reminds everyone of bad canoe trips, but a video game? Then it becomes clear that it's an outer space video game. Mainly due to the fact that a space ship is aiming lasers directly at the old gentleman's head there isn't much that can be said to explain the weird seen here.

  9. Karnaaj Rally (GBA, 2002)

    Karnaaj Rally (GBA, 2002)

    The mix of blue and pink on this cover certainly draw attention. It's hard to tell if the car is supposed to be running him over, or if he's just a person suffering from a deadly illness. He has a quasi-zombie look going on and is completely out of place. The statement being made by the artist is unclear, but we hope that he got proper medical attention.

  10. Super Bust-A-Move (PS2, 2000)

    Super Bust-A-Move (PS2, 2000)

    Babies are so cute! Babies used to sell video games by putting on cool shades and using their forehead for a message board- not so much. Had the artistic design stopped with the shades, it would make more sense. Adding words to the forehead seems strange. Not every attempt at humor makes sense, but hopefully no babies were hurt in the making of this horrible cover.

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  1. Jesse Alms1/9/13, 8:25 AM

    natutuwa naman ako sa post na 'to.. nakakatuwa pero informative.. may dagdag pogi points talaga pag mas maganda at mas maayos yung cover.. ewan ko na lang kung kumita yung mga games na binanggit dito hehehehe

  2. actually ganun naman talaga.. importante talaga ang packaging :)