Many people confuse the aspects of game design and web design. While there are some properties of both that are quite similar there is a huge difference between Game Design and Web Design. One is much more basic when it comes to design than the other, and if you were to go to school to learn how to do these jobs you would take very different classes.

Web Design

Web Design is what we look at while searching the Internet on a daily basis. It is the design that makes up logos, web pages, and other aspects of the Internet. It can contain animation, but is not specific to animation. The pixelation quality can be extremely low in web design. For example: Have you ever tried to take a picture that looks great on the screen, but then tried to print it and it looks all grainy? This is because the computer does not need a high pixelation factor in order to produce a nice looking product. The aspects that come into play when creating a movie or printing images are much more complex and will require richer pixelation.

What Is the Difference between Game Design and Web Design?

Not all web design is based on the images or things that you see on a web page. There are web designers that help the website run. These people write “code” in order to help the website function. These codes are the instructions for the site. It is what is put into place in order to have specific backgrounds, images, or information pop-up at a specific place or time. It is extremely complex, and while you could be a great graphic web designer and not truly know how to write code, you could also be a code web designer and not really be that great at designing logos or attractive layouts.

Game Design

Game Designers take what you learn as a web designer and concentrate those skills specifically into game development. This means that the designers focus on mobile devices, consoles, and computers and how individuals will want to play their games on them. They develop their games based on the audience and the platform. A moving game is very different than a still web page.

The concentration of a game designer is on the development of the game the characters, the scenery, the weapons, or the animation. There are a lot of aspects that go into developing a game and this is why it generally takes months if not years to complete the process. It may seem like there are new developments in games often, but think about some of the popular games such as N.O.V.A, and think about how quickly people try to beat the games. That is months or years of work that someone could potentially have mastered in a weekend. Game designers have a lot to do to make sure their games are challenging enough to be entertaining, but not too challenging to the point that people lose interest.

What Is the Difference between Game Design and Web Design?

The Difference

There are a lot of basic skills that are the same between a game designer and a web designer, and it is possible for one to be able to do the other with a little bit of practice and some education. Most game designers truly enjoy what they do and want their one and only focus to be the gaming world. A lot of web designers enjoy new challenges and creating new pages that are seen by millions of people every day. The deciding factor is generally the person and their interests. After their basic education they will need to decide to move towards a more concentrated path such as game design or something more universal such as web design.

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Jason PhillipsThis article is posted by Jason Phillips who is a basically an animator. His hobbies are blogging, chatting and surfing Internet. He sometimes likes to play his childhood games such as Super Mario, but now he got it online at where he found all the Mario games.


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