How Does an Internet Works?
In our era today, Internet is already a part of our daily life. From school, work, offices, almost everywhere. Being connected is a must for almost everyone. Honestly, even kids might actually find a hard time living without any internet connection. It is also rare too to find someone who doesn't have any social accounts like Facebook or Twitter. Internet really changed each and everyone's life for the past few years.

Though, have anyone wonder how it works? We all know that we need servers that run websites for everyone to see. But have you ever think of the process behind this? Well, maybe this might help you.

Engineering The Internet


  1. concerned citizen10/18/12, 10:35 PM

    i believe the grammar should be: How does the internet work. Subject-verb-agreement

  2. sasaliwngawit10/27/12, 3:51 PM

    hello, aj... ang cool at ang weird ng blog mo, haha... may ganito palang sites and hosted by someone as young as you. may nakikita na rin akong IT related blogs pero itong sa iyo ang focused talaga sa IT, parang popularizing it ba? and you speak of your trade so well, if i might say...

    btw, technologically-challenged akong tao, hehe... pinaka-hate ko ang magbasa ng manuals ng gadget at ang magbasa ng instructions, haha. but i have done a couple of manuals myself (ang sama ng ugali).

    anyway, napadaan lang, naligaw. kakatuwa ang site mo, parang ang dedicated. kind regards... ;)