Why Your Company Should Use Cloud Sharing Services
Corporations are becoming more dependent on cloud computing to help manage data and increase the productivity of their operations. While there are still concerns over the security and control of data, those concerns are being addressed by Internet hosting services that help facilitate a company's crossover to the cloud.

Focus on Technology

Deloitte LLP recently conducted a survey on the way mid-sized companies approach growth in an uncertain environment. Concern over increasing tax liabilities, providing health insurance and dealing with troubled financial markets have all led companies to increase their focus on technology. According to the survey executives, representing 21 industry sectors, 40 percent of the respondents felt that cloud computing and Software as a Service are some of the best technology investments to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

A security company is another essential investment that can save large companies money and embarrassment from suffering security breaches. One service that many large corporations use to secure their valued information is Lifelock fraud protection. This affordable service will work with clients to protect the information that is in cloud sharing network. Consider the following five ways cloud sharing can help companies realize the benefits of cloud sharing.

Reduce the Expense of In-House Storage

Private and public corporations, non-profit organizations and government entities can all generate huge amounts of data. It can become quite costly to store, maintain and distribute that data. Substantial savings can be realized by moving some or all of that data to the cloud. Potential savings can range from reducing the size of your IT staff, requiring less equipment and software, to freeing up space and time to focus on other areas of your business.

There are many popular and convenient services that make it easy to synchronize files that are stored on multiple computers then make that information available on smart phones, home computers or any other Internet-connected device. Services like these provide thousands of gigabytes of storage for competitive prices.

Enhance Productivity

Companies can avoid much of the cost of installing basic word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software by deploying software suites like Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365. While it is not free to use these cloud-based software applications, they are far less expensive than maintaining a copy on each computer in your office. You will not have to disrupt your two week Hawaiian vacation to file an important report. Use the cloud to complete the report instead. Your boss can grab it out of the cloud at his or her earliest convenience.

Enhanced Ability to Share Files

Sharing files is another major reason why companies choose to use the cloud. It is easy to communicate anywhere in the world. A multi-national corporation can keep in touch with sales representatives in 50 different countries. Instructions, directions and other important data can be made available just as soon as it is posted to your site.

Instantly Share Photos

Great possibilities exist for sharing photos and videos with a vast audience. One can take a picture on their cellphone and have it available for viewing almost immediately. Among the most popular file sharing services that allow you to share photos are Flickr, Photobucket and SmugMug.

Accessibility Almost Anywhere

Simply stated, you can always get on the cloud. Internet service never closes -- it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Unless you are in the most remote place on earth, you can usually get connected to the Web.

Take the Initiative

In challenging economic times and in order to stay competitive within your industry, it is vital to keep up on the latest technology. Cloud sharing is just one of the many time and money saving systems available for growing companies. It is a great way to share large files, back up information, and protect valuable information that you can access anywhere at any time. Lifelock's theft protection service is another advancement in technology that saves companies and individuals time and money. Compare their services to other protection companies on Identity Theft Labs.

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