Points on Why You Should Learn How To Code
Currently, I am a senior software developer in a company here in the Philippines and most people asked me what pushes me on a programmer's path.

Player to Creator

I actually begin as a gamer before and yes I started with the 90's game console "Famicom" aka "Family Computer". Well, from the very start I was just one of those few gamers who wishes to create his own realm with the power of bits and bytes, and yes! I want to manage that game world with my own rules. That scene leads me to where I am right now, I may not be a game developer but I surely learned to love coding because of that dream.

Being in the industry and in our current era where technology reigns, I learned that being knowledgeable with the basics of programming keeps you a step ahead with the others. For me, it is something that everyone should learn especially in this fast growing world where almost everything is digital.

Still Not Convinced? Then Read this..

Programming Infographic
Attribution to OnlineCollege.org With This Graphic

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