A web design can be stunning, but is that effective as well? To judge that, a web designer should know the worst elements that could spoil the web image of a business and cause a decline in the website profit. The blunders might be simpler, but need caution to avoid the harm to the website. In this writing, some common mistakes that cause low conversion rate for a website would be discussed.

8 Mistakes That Lower The Website Conversion Rate

  1. Not Visible Call To Action

    Visitors of any website judge in the first few seconds whether they should stay at a website or not. Therefore, if the call to action statements are placed below the page fold or the area visitors could see without scrolling, even a stunning design can’t help longer stay of the visitors.

    To know about this problem, browser size feature of Google Analytics is great. It tells what page elements are coming in the page fold area. After knowing it, the call to action statements can be test moved to the higher page position.

  2. Ignoring The Distractions

    Sometimes, images are used to add an appealing touch to the website, but in actual these are distracting for the site visitors. The focus of the web design should be to take the visitors to the most important parts of the website, not to make them lost in the colors or just the images. Larger images or the animated images are most distracting for the site visitors.

    To resolve this issue, an eye tracking tool can be used to know what should be there at the web pages to improve the factor of attraction for the site visitors.

  3. Preferring A Cool Design Over The Usable Design

    Every web designer wants to make a cool web design, but few professionals understand the significance of a usable web design. A cool and creative web design may attract the visitors but will keep them confused during their stay at the website. It causes them to leave the website in short time without making any deal.

    An interactive menu might look cool to the site visitors, but it may not be easy for them to understand it properly.

    To handle this issue, a website testing tool should be used to test any new proposed changes. It will help in determining how do the new changes would be perceived by the targeted visitors and how do they will help in conversions.

  4. Ignoring Cross Browser Compatibility Check

    A website should be capable of running at all browsers. For this purpose, cross browser compatibility check should be performed prior to making the website live.

  5. Preferring Longer Text Blocks

    Text of a website has great influence over the site visitors. A website that doesn’t look good but has appealing text, attract the targeted visitors who are the serious buyers. Text of the website should be engaging for the site visitors and should help in conversions.

    8 Mistakes That Lower The Website Conversion Rate

  6. Less Stressing The Variations

    Variations at a website should look like prominent variations. Slight changes might not capture the focus of the site visitors. It will contribute towards less conversion rate at the website.

    To solve this problem, there should be one completely different variation for the test that can involve changed wording, the style of elements, and other factors. This kind of variation will provide the business with higher conversion rate.

  7. Catering To Many Needs
    A website should have the selected needs of the target customers to address. There should be different variations of the same category being served for the prospective customers.

    For this purpose, many testing tools are available to target the visitors who have more chances to get converted.

  8. Acting On The Instructions

    Testing of the web design shouldn’t be done as per the demands of the boss, but according to the needs of the targeted customers. Bosses are usually of the view that they know the targeted customers properly, but in actual they don’t know.

    To resolve this issue, Analytics tool and feedback of the visitors can be used for developing better tests and high conversion rate.

The mistakes mentioned above are common at the end of a new web designer, but a professional one understands the significance of a creative, appealing, and usable website to hit the targeted audiences.

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  1. Website Conversion Rate Lowering Gaff #9: Using teeny-tiny white text on a dark background, causing users unnecessary eye strain. ;(