Five Plugins that You Don’t Want to Miss on Your WordPress
With infinite blogging sites available online, your blog is like a grain in a sack! How do you stand out amidst this fierce competition and ‘wow’ your audience? It is not enough to post just valuable content. You have to make it really catchy and be prominent among the other bloggers. WordPress is one of the popular blogging platforms preferred by many. It is not only free, but also offers assorted range of plug-ins that helps in customizing your blog. Plug-ins is software modules with specific functionalities. It helps adding specific capabilities and improvising your blog to make it more user-friendly.

Here are few must-have plug-ins for your blog to improve social media performance and blog performance:

Sexy Bookmarks:

sexy bookmarks

Social networking is Internet’s latest and most popular craze. Social networking websites are the most effective platforms to promote blogs and every blogger has opened a page for their blog. Sexy bookmarks incorporate most of the leading social networking buttons to your blogging site. The plug-in can also be used on other platforms apart from WordPress. You can personalize the buttons by giving a small note above the buttons. This adds a personal touch to these bookmarks.

Max CDN:


Too much traffic can slow your site at times. Users face the problem of not being able to view the page or it takes ages to load. This is when Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes to place. The plug-in helps in speeding up the site by keeping the server load low. When many users try to access your blog at the same time, you don’t have to worry about your site going slow with this plug-in.

OIO Publisher:

OIO Publisher

Banner ads always bring a good income. Many bloggers have banner ads displayed on their sites. There are many times when the blog is filled with banner ads giving it a sloppy look. Do you want to manage these banner ads and give your blog a professional look? OIO Publisher plug-in is the right choice. You can buy ads directly with this plug-in. It notifies you when a particular slot expires or when a publisher removes the ad. This is the best plug-in to avoid middlemen and manage ads by yourself.

Hello Bar:

hello bar

Hello Bar is a very useful tool to have for bloggers and is popular in the blogging world. It provides a line above your article in which you can fill out simple descriptions or any messages you desire. It is a great plug-in to use for promoting products. The highlight of Hello Bar is the useful analytical options it has. For example, it shows the number of clicks you get on your promotions.

WP Touch:

wp touch

Gone are the days when Internet could be checked only on computers. You can now carry the world in the palm of your hands in the form of iPhones and smartphones. WP Touch makes your blog smartphone compatible. Any user will have get a phone-formatted look of your blog once you install this plug-in. The best part of this plug-in is it has advertising options! You can capitalize on mobile users by using this plug-in. It offers excellent customization options so you can decide the ‘look’ of your blog on mobile platforms.

These are some of the plug-ins you should have to increase user-traffic and make your blog easy to use. There are hundreds of options available in the market for plug-ins which can be very useful for your blog. Decide on how you wish to portray your blog to the users and how serious you are about blogging before choosing the plug-ins. If you are a serious blogger and wish to have an efficient site, consider getting these plug-ins and boost your blogging!

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