Five Important Characters Behind Every Web Development Process
Web Development is like creating a movie. There are people behind it who worked hard just to have wonderful websites that you are seeing now. Similarly, development process requires also skills from different people who specializes on their field to create a masterpiece.

Though, some sites can be done by just a single person or a massive group of companies, there are still some specific people that you may want to take note when creating websites. Here are some of them:

  1. The Graphic Artist

    I find it really hard to create a site if you don't know how it looks like. Usually the task of a Graphic Artist (GA) is to create an image using their favorite image editor like Photoshop. These images are sometimes called wire frames. GA based these designs on how the brainstorming of the algorithm goes. From here, they will create different formats of layouts from where the client will choose the best theme for them.

    From there the GA, will pass these final images (though based from experience, it is not exactly the final layout yet for changes might still happen during the development) to the web designer. Usually, they also slice the images to smaller pieces or parts.

  2. The Web Designer

    Next in line is the web designer. They are concerned on transforming the images done by the GA to something web friendly. They do the "slicing" of these images and creates HTML and CSS based web pages.

    The hardest thing on being a web designer, in my opinion, is making sure that all your pages will work on all browsers. Basically, they are the ones who are in the front line of this browser war. They should be knowledgeable in following the tips and tricks on every browser. They should also know the browser compatibility doesn't end on the browser only but also on the kind of operating system.

  3. The Web Developer

    These people specializes on controlling the back end. They build the back bone of every web site and most of the time, they take over on the maintenance.

    Good logic is the best weapon of every web developer. Creating algorithms and fool-proof codes is their specialty. They also need to make sure that each and every line of code is safe for all the security issues that it might encounter later on. Aside from the back end, they are also concern on browser compatibility especially if their site needs client-side scripting. In that case, they should also be knowledgeable enough with the tips and tricks of scripting.

  4. The Content Writer

    Though it doesn't need to be knowledgeable enough with the technical aspects of developing, these people are assigned on filling out the "Lorem Ipsum" spaces that was done by the developer. They are the ones who usually start working once the system is done.

    These people concerned on creating the static pages, example of which are: "About Us", "History", "Terms and Conditions", etc.

  5. The Quality Tester

    The last stage of every development is testing. From the term itself, the Testers are the one testing the quality of the website. They make sure that every function that was listed on the specifications are working fine. Most of the time, they are also armed with all the browsers installed on their computer. This is because they are the ones testing the browser compatibility.

Though some of these characters can be combine to just one person, we could not deny the importance of each and everyone in every development. Each and everyone person involve in web developing is worth praising for every wonderful job they are doing. :)


  1. frustratedwebdev8/16/12, 11:01 PM

    but sadly, all 5 steps are commonly passed on to #3.

  2. I agree.. most of the time we developers are forced to do all :p