Applications to Keep You and Your Smartphone Safe
The idea of smart phones being vulnerable to malware is gaining momentum, though many fail to remember that smart phones are also prone to a list of other problems, example online phishing problems and scamming. In fact a person is far more likely to loose or have their phone stolen from them than they are to be infected with a virus on their phone. Your smart phone is doing the many things that otherwise your computer would be needed for, and so it only makes sense that your phone needs to be kept safe from the same problems which can cause troubles for a regular PC user, this is what these apps are out to do.

One of the best tools that there are out there to keep your smart phone clean of any infections is Lookout Mobile Security. Do not be fooled by the very basic and simple to understand interface that this app offers, as it is one of the most powerful security solutions currently available. Lookout Mobile Security will regularly scan your smartphone for any malware threats to keep the phone up to mark, and every time you download a new application. Lookout will automatically scan the new app to make sure it is safe to use. Though its not only scanning that Lookout is good for, and can also be if great use in locating your phone in the case that it gets lost or is stolen. Lookout was recently acclaimed to be the best security app for the Android platform, and what makes it better is the fact that it is a free service.

Many a time, you may have your information seeping out from your phone even when you have taken all necessary measures to not let that happen, this maybe because some apps are still accessing the Internet with out your knowledge. DroidWall is a good solution for this and very easily allows you to select which apps are allowed to access the Internet. By doing so you can stop your apps from publishing your data on to servers and more importantly you can stop irritating ads from being automatically downloaded. The app is very simple to use and is free of cost. The only problem is that DroidWall only works on rooted devices, by doing this your smartphone's warranty maybe be canceled.

MyBackup Pro is also a good app to have on your phone. In contrast to Androids on board back up functionality, Rerware's app will offer much more comprehensive functionality. First off you will be able to schedule regular back ups of your phone, this means that things such as call logs, photo's and even text messages will all be backed up. The backup which is created can either be saved to your devices external storage, or you can set it to be stored on Rerware's secure servers. Those of you who are running rooted smart phones can have even more from this app as it will be able to restrict bloatware on your handset and it will also stop unnecessary apps from running when they are not required.

Security apps for the iOS platform have been slow and few to launch, though there are some options out there for iPhone users for example the Webroot Secure Web. This is a free app available at the Apple store and will keep you informed about the sites you are visiting, warning you about dangerous sites, or those who have a questionable reputation. It will also keep an eye on search results and tell you about the level of safety of the sites.

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