The Windows 8 for Tablets and Net-books: Up Till Now
Windows recently launched its Windows 8 surface and as many users try it, many are still happy with their Windows 7 and Vista operating software’s. Should you shift to the Windows 8 interface? If yes, then why?

Windows 8 has also invested in a new lock screen for both tablets and the net-books. The idea is quite fresh and impressive; as your screen is locked you have a serene picture portraying exquisite environments. You have a personal choice in choosing and personalizing your lock screen but every picture in the list is expressive and picturesque. Apart from this the lock screen has little widgets and the date and time embarked on it. The lock screen for Tablets also has a personal unlock system that defines by the movement of hands as you swipe invisible gestures that you previously assigned as the lock.

Windows 8 also has invested in different lock methods rather than the touch swipe as that’s basically for the Tablet. For PC or net-book users Windows has given them the choice of choosing a PIN comprising of four digits and entering that will unlock your Tablet.

Once you unlock your Windows 8 software on the tablet, you enter the home screen and it’s adopted the same idea as the Windows Phone. An array of application tiles welcome you and provide assistance in choosing whatever way you want to go. If you’ve received notifications then the given applications light up with notification numeric. You have the freedom to shift and rearrange your application tiles in whatever way you prefer as well.

If you don’t like your tiles start-up page you can shift to the regular start up page and you’ll enter Windows 8 main page with the Start Button. The screen shows the users picture and name and is beneficial for users who like the traditional look of Windows and don’t want any severe changes.

Windows 8 software for Tablets also comes with the Windows Store. After looking at Google’s Play Store and Apples App Store, Windows needed to put forth an application center that converged the best in it. The Store gives the same appeal as the home screen, different tiles fall under categories which help users decide where they want to go. An advantage of the Windows Store is the application trial. Before you buy an application you can have its trial and see if its worth buying, this way Windows ensure to keep your choice and money careful.

Apart from all this Windows 8 also has the Cloud setup. It’s a data gathering portal which keeps your address books, photos and data synchronized. With Cloud setup you can even link your Facebook and Twitter friends together in your address and also download different themes, wallpapers and settings for your preference.

Windows 8 has added many other features to make it attractive. The Family Safety option will be quite appealing for parents who want to restrict the content their children go through. Administers can control and restrict activity through options such as web filtering and computer usage time limits to keep their children in control. Windows 8 also comes with the easy restore function names as the Refresh and Reset. You can install your Windows OS but it will keep all your settings and files safe and will reset your Windows to new, removing any installed applications and programs. Users can refresh their Windows in case of a security breach of virus attack and not worry about getting new hard disks or license agreements, it will only need the originally issues product key.

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  1. Maybe one of this days, I'll try to upgrade my Windows 7 into W8