The recent entrant in the market is the tablet manufactured by Microsoft which is being reviewed to be a potential threat and challenger to the other tablets already ruling the market. The reviews are gathering discussions and the device is supposedly expected to offer a lot in terms of performance.

Microsoft Surface tablet: Inspection and Speculation

The general conception of perceiving a software company to be manufacturing hardware after years of its association with other companies for doing that job has caused a debate. The Microsoft Surface has features in both software and hardware domain with some even better than available. But the performance of the device is an issue with risk of trusting the first time entrant Microsoft as a brand that provides hardware support and assist too. Microsoft has been a game changer in the PC software and plans to revolutionize the tablet world with its Windows 8 software support but the reviews and pricing is yet to decide its comparison with other tablets.

Microsoft Surface Review

Pricing and review

With the features that are being heard off, it should be priced above the current range of hot selling tablet ipad, which is very optimally priced. But if it is better than that, then it has to manage recovering its cost with its success. The exact review will be available once it releases soon and there have been speculations about its performance and intention since the time of its release as to be launched soon

Game changer

If the Microsoft surface tablet manages to be sold at a profitable price which is comparable to the cost of iPadtoday with respect to its features it can be a game changer in the market. But with speculations and failures at the public launch it needs to go a lot of corrections to emerge to be worthy of the peoples’ expectations. The tablets secrecy is otherwise not being considered ideal by some brands that are reviewing the tablet to not be such a threat for the existing market holders. The intention of Microsoft has been claimed to be more customer focused with its attempt of playing a handball with its hardware partners hasn’t also gone down well with some of them.

Microsoft Surface Review

Market and consumer

With the intention of giving the consumers a tablet that has capabilities of windows that has revolutionized the PC software has good reviews but can only be believed with a great show of performance by the device. Microsoft Surface has put the market and its associates in a frenzy that will be calmed only when it is in the hands of the consumer that decides how worthy it is today with what tablets are already available. There is a good market and awareness already created for tablets that can be of good use by Microsoft in launching their first ever hardware device going against the tide with its research oriented towards doing the same.

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  1. I also think that it might be the game changer for today's tablets. A keyboard is all that they need to step up to the next level against laptops.