How to Create a Simple Virus with VBS
Do you want to make fun of your friends with a simple virus looking script? Well, why not try this!

This script doesn't really create a virus but it might fool any normal computer user by a series of prompts that might shock the victim.

What we are about to do is a simple FAKE virus using vbs that run on Microsoft Window Based Script Host. Just what I wrote, this one is just a fake virus that is compose of a series of prompts and nothing else.

How to Do It

  1. Open your notepad and copy-paste the code below.
  2. Save the file as fakevirus.vbs
  3. Now create a shortcut for it on your desktop.
  4. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties
  5. Select 'Change Icon' and browse for an icon that you like. I prefer an icon similar to My Computer or an icon similar to a game.
  6. Rename the shortcut to something catchy like "My Computer" or the game's name
  7. Test it, fool someone and enjoy!

The Code

x = Msgbox("Error while opening. Do you want to fix this problem?", 1+16, "My Computer")
x = Msgbox("This problem cannot be fixed", 0+48, "My Computer")
x = Msgbox("Virus detected on your computer", 3+16, "Virus Alert")
x = Msgbox("Access Denied! Virus is activated", 0+16, "Virus Alert")
x = Msgbox("Virus sending your password to agent007-BTT", 0+16, "Virus Alert")
x = Msgbox("Deleting System Files", 0+16, "Virus Alert")
x = Msgbox("A harmful virus is deleting your files. Do you want to stop this?", 4+32, "System Alert")
x = Msgbox("Access Denied", 0+16, "Virus Alert")
x = Msgbox("Are you scared? Well, this is just a prank! :)", 0+64, "Virus Alert")

Again this isn't a virus but just a normal series of prompts that was designed to look as if it was a virus. Enjoy!


  1. picogenkaku5/6/12, 9:44 AM

     LOL :D Asteeeeeg ^_^

  2. Eugene Perez5/6/12, 3:34 PM

    Or pwede din ito lang isulat sa notepad.... 

    shutdown -s -t 60

    this will shutdown the system in 60 seconds... 
    to abort... 
    windows+r... or run then type shutdown -a 
    for fun lang po.....

  3. now that's trolling XD

  4. Hi! Agent007-BBT hahaha! This is a funny one! I wonder how my sister react when I don this :P

  5. Yes ,  Going to try to fool my friends, more fun on this............

  6. Haha I'll try this one soon. I'm gonna make my friends cry. ^_^