Blog Review: Two-Sided Perspective by Iam Herbert
Site Name: Two-Sided Perspective
Site Owner: Iam Herbert
Platform: Wordpress
Genre: Business / Internet Marketing
Description: One man's views and insights about anything in the world of Blogging, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

Cross Browser Check

  • ✓ Chrome Mozilla Firefox
  • ✓ Opera
  • ✓ Internet Explorer 8
  • ✓ Internet Explorer 7
  • ✓ Opera Mini (no mobile template support)

Things Worth Mentioning

  • Site is HTML5 ready
  • Has alt attribute for Images
  • No Flash found

Things that Need Attention

  • No H1 tag
  • Though HTML5 ready, it does not render a mobile template

BTT Tip for Two-Sided Perspective

  1. Hiding your AdSense

    Blue is the default color of links in most browsers, and from your current theme and layout, your ads seems to stand out. Basically, the most advisable rule on placing ads on your site is to make it look as if it was a part of you posts or layout. The way you presented the links of your ads make it stand out too much.

  2. Positioning of comment tools

    Positioning is too right, see the image below for your guidance.
    Blog Review: Two-Sided Perspective by Iam Herbert
    My suggestion is too remove the float attribute on comment-submit element on CSS

    #comment-submit {
     clear: both;
     /*float: right; */ /* comment this out*/
     margin-bottom: 10px;

    This is found on ../themes/Avenue/style.css somewhere on line 363

  3. Awkward layout at the bottom part of the wrapper

    See the image below and see how it was awkwardly cut. See the shadow on the sides? The pixel should somehow fade-out or shadow should continued on the bottom.

    Blog Review: Two-Sided Perspective by Iam Herbert

    I guess you should put something into it by adding an image just below the wrapper element

BTT Opinion for Two-Sided Perspective

Design 4/5 ★★★★

I find it clean and formal, enough to achieve an atmosphere for a business related blog - Not to crowded and yet spaces were used nicely.

Texts for the front page were not too overwhelming, Posts were nicely outlined.

The bottom part though looks awkward, it feels that there is a missing part (I guess it was the image of the content's background) down there. The menu above seems to be compressing on the left side too.

Comment Box on per post basis is poorly formatted.

In my opinion,I hate the floating sharing icons on the left -- I find it annoying.

Content 4/5 ★★★★

Starting with the menu, I love the downloads page! Usually users are curious with the word "DOWNLOAD" and also "FREE", so seeing it on your page actually makes your users go to it -- just like what I did.
Blog Review: Two-Sided Perspective by Iam Herbert

I also saw you're "other blogs" page. Since you are linking it to Two Sided Perspective which is all about marketing, shouldn't that page be marketable too? It looks like an ordinary page for me. Nothing catchy in there.

Blog Review: Two-Sided Perspective by Iam Herbert
It's also nice that you have an online portfolio of your work, I guess that should be place not just on "About Me" page but also on the menu or somewhere where it can always be seen.

As for the content itself, mostly you are tackling about SEO, blogging and other business related issues. I learn a lot from your posts. Reading the comments too of your visitors means that you are giving the right knowledge you want to give to your visitors -- for that I'm giving you my points!

Branding 2/5 ★★★★★

Logo, at first glance, doesn't give a meaning for Two Sided Perspective. It looks like a logo for a wine or playing cards.

Title was nice for a business related blog -- catchy enough in my opinion.

Domain - the dot info works well, I think, for business related blogs, INFO is the keyword for it. On the other hand, "herbertkikoy" for business -- if I do not know you, my first impression would be, how on earth was herbertkikoy related to the title and business?! get my point?

Impact 3/5 ★★★★★

Though you have great articles, it doesn't leave too much impact on me. Reason is, I couldn't find anything catchy enough in the totality of the blog. Honestly, I could find a lot of better articles on the net tackling the same issue.

My stand here is, there are tons of SEO and marketing related articles and blogs over the net, in order to compete, you must have something very unique on your posts -- that I didn't found nor feel.

Guest Judge Opinion for Two-Sided Perspective

Our guest for today is Saykotika, a Computer Engineering graduate and now working as a Associate Software Engineer in an outsourcing company. From what I've heard, she is now taking her masteral's degree on a known engineering university here at the Philippines.

Here is what she can say about Two-Sided Perspective

DISCLAIMERThe views expressed in comments by the guest judge published on this blog site are those of the comment writers alone. They do not represent the views or opinions of Beneath the Tree, nor do they represent the views or opinions of, or any entity of, or affiliated with

Design 4/5 ★★★★

The design was clean for me, all in all, I'll give him 4 stars. He maximized all the corners meaning he didn't waste any space. Since his genre is about business, the color choice for me was OK, it looks formal and appealing to the eye.

I also love that you are placing images for every post, it looks attractive. Usually I'm the type of reader who just scan the pics and avoid reading.

Content 3/5 ★★★★★

Here is the part where I got confused. I thought that his post was all about business, but as I browse it, I find it more of an informative post. His articles was OK, the content was "super" informative but I'm looking for something "more business related" mostly his post was about SEO.

Branding 3/5 ★★★★★

The title was catchy, if you hear or read "Two - Sided Perspective", you'll think that it was an interesting blog, since the title itself is pertaining to two sided perspective. My initial guess is there would be two perspective on this post.

The logo, I didn't get it. I didn't get the connection of it on the title (am I that slow?). For me the logo looks like a pirate that wears a hat and has mustache, that is the first thing I picture out when I saw your logo. It could also be a bull with a mustache, maybe because of the red background.
Blog Review: Two-Sided Perspective by Iam Herbert
Impact 3/5 ★★★★★

Though I find it informative, if I search on Google, I could find similar articles that tackles the same issue. I know that most bloggers are like that, they have different resources. I find it informative nonetheless, not enough for me to check it on a regular basis

Summary of the Review

BTT Total Rating: 3.25
Guest Judge Rating: 3.25

Design wise, I honestly find it hard to judge since it seems to be OK -- not over decorated yet not too dull, meaning there is nothing more to correct in my opinion. About the contents, I guess you just need cook something that would really make your site outstanding among all the SEO and Internet marketing sites out there, I'm pretty sure that you are aware of the competition. Other than that, keep up the good work!

So that's it, again this is just a friendly review from BTT. We aim for a better site and not to insult the owners and administrators. Whether you follow our tips and suggestions depend on your decision. Ciao!

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  1. Thanks a lot a review AJ, still on brainstorming mode pa on to improve it more (with my OC wife)  //

  2. Ooooh. The logo is like two faces - one facing left, the other facing right. I find it okay. XD

  3. picogenkaku5/29/12, 9:20 PM

    Bat ganun, pag vinivisit ko itong link na to sa blog nya, may malware? 

    may binabanggit syang URL about ""

  4. Ganda tlga pagkakaayos jan ni Sir IamHebert, he deserves the ratings (taas nyan compared sa binigay ni Undertaker sa akin, nakakaiyak)

  5. wag ka mag-alala.. sooner or later may isa na namang magigisa heheheh

  6. nasabi ko na yan kay Sir Iam Herbert :) di ko rin alam bakit may ganun eh