Blogger Template to Try
It has been a while since I started studying and working on a blogger's template. My reason on creating this one is I want my very own template for my programming blog.

With this new template, I can surely show my readers that I really know how to write my own code and make my own design.

This new look for BTT (Beneath the Tree) is my first try on creating a new blogspot template. Even though the design is not yet completely finish and tested, I'm already publishing this one out. Reason is, I want to hear what my readers say and I want to hear other people's opinion.

I believe that opinions, whether good or bad, are important in creating a better work. So, for one week, I'll be using this new template and see what will happen. Cheers!


  1. I love yer template :D
    Honggondo lang :D

    malinis, at hindi masakit sa mata.
    pero para sa akin, nasa laman pa rin ng blog ang kagandahan
    and I bet MERON ka nun :)))HAHA! ^^ congrats on yer template :D

  2. I am loving BTT's new look :D