How to Fully Maximize Chrome Browser Window on Mac OS X
I've been working with Mac this past few days to check whether the sites that we are designing are working on the other browsers on Mac. Yes, you read it right, other than the browser war comes to hardest thing a web designer has to face -- the OS-Browser war! Basically, though you thought that your site is rendered by a certain browser doesn't mean that it would behave the same way it behaves on your PC. Windows and Mac browsers are totally different when displaying sites so my advice is to get your own machine to check whether your site is working fine or not.

Well anyway, I'm not here to discuss the difference between each OS on different browser (maybe I'll do it sometime but surely not today). My problem right now is that when I installed Chrome on Mac, the browser's window fill up on 75% of the screen. Pressing the green + button on the upper right doesn't do anything.

Analysis of the Problem

Basically what I want is to maximize the browser's window and not to set it in full screen.

So What's Going On?

Unfortunately, the green button is used to Zoom and not to maximize. So why is Chrome behaving that way? It is because, it was designed to behave in a "size-that-best-fit" and not to fill the screen.

What Should I Do Then?

It's as simple as this, Hold your shift key and then press zoom. Again Zoom is the green button on the upper right. To return it to it's normal form just click it again while holding the shift key.

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  1. Additionally, you can press Cmd + Shift + F to enter full screen mode (aka F11 on Windows). Very nice especially for presentations. :)