Well, for aesthetic reason I just attached an icon to my removable flash disk. I just grew tired of Windows default icon and so I tried to customize it with my own logo.

So for today, I'll be sharing how I was able to replace it with my BTT logo. The steps won't require any coding skills so everyone may try this out.

First of all, here is how it looks like

Adding a Thumbnail to Your Removable Devices

Here is the steps to do it

1) Prepare your image and save it as logo.ico file. I actually tried JPG but that doesn't seem to work. Note that it is advisable to make the file size as small as possible since you'll be placing it on your removable device too. That means it would consume space also to your device.

2) Place the image inside your removable device

3) Open your notepad. For those who don't know how to open it, simply go to Start > Program > Accessories > Notepad

4) Type in the following in the notepad:


Where the logo.ico is the location of the file inside the removable device.

5) Save the notepad as autorun.inf and place it at the root directory on your removable device. Root directory means that it should not be inside any folder.

6) Now safely remove your removable device and plugged it again. If you done it correctly, you may now see your device at "My Computer" with your logo in it.

Follow Up Notes

Take note that I used the term removable device all through out the step since this may be applied to almost all storage devices such as CDs and DVDs, flash disk, external HDD etc.

Also, you may want to change the property of autorun.inf to "READ-ONLY". I'm not sure with this, but this might avoid some virus that tries to create autorun.inf and overwrite the file that you created.

That's all. Have fun customizing your flash disk everyone! ^_^

You may also download the sample files used here. Just simply extract the contents of this to your root directory. Download Here.


  1. Maganda to, I tried it to my memory stick duo pero for some reason ayaw mabago. Tama ba to, [autorun]? lalagyan ko ba ng number 1. at number 2.? Yung color ng icon saka logo kelangan ba blue and red din? haha, ang dami ko tanung :-D

  2. ano ka ba.. syntax highlighter ata tinutukoy mo :))

    ang alam ko dapat ico ang file tapos dapat tama code mo :) 

    cute nga sya sa eh.. LOL

  3. Isa lang masasabi ko, bili ka ng bagong pc AJ, may floppy drive pa yung PC mo, hahaha!

  4. Notepad indeed capable of doing some amazing simple tricks there even do it's the oldest text processor in computing  history ever.Hey AJ, I like your new layout, its getting better man...:)

  5. thanks for dropping by Ben :) 

    I'm just trying my luck on creating a new template out of scratch. Glad to hear that you like it.

  6. Hindi ba pwede AJ? :-D