A few weeks ago, a scandalous video of Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan was scattered all over the net. The said video was said to be originally saved at Ramgen's laptop. The video was actually showing both of them doing some intimate act on the bathroom. Now, something new was trending and it is said to be the part 2 of the video.

The said video scandal was 4 minutes long and happened on a bedroom. The problem is up to now, the police hasn't caught the culprit for these issue. Worst is, more and more people are to curious and are looking for download links of the video scandal all over the web.

Who was behind this?

Issues reported before that it was the family of Ramgen, specifically pointing to her mom Genelyn Magsaysay, was the mastermind behind this. Though, in an interview she denied this accusation isn't true. She also added that even though the said laptop is in their possession, the admin account is not accessible and only the guest account can be used. She also tried to blame the polices who investigate on Ramgen's things after the murder, but the cops deny this too.

How About Hacking?

For some reason, being knowledgeable about software, I won't believe if someone says that you cannot access the files protected by an admin account. This is in fact, possible if you know the trick. Steps on cracking someone's account is all over the Internet. Google is in fact your best friend for showing you the proper steps on doing it even if you are a newbie, you can just type "unlocking the admin account in windows" will show you numerous links on tutorial. Other than that, there are lots of software out there that can easily do the job, best is there are some of these that comes for free.

So What's my Point?

Whoever is behind this scandalous video, I think that getting it from Ramgen's laptop is REALLY easy as long as you do it intentionally even if the computer is locked. I'm not pointing any fingers to anyone, I'm just correcting the fact that they are stating on the media.

We are living in a modern world now. Almost everything is possible, in fact, we as software developers believe that impossible is out of our vocabulary.

Also, in this new era where people are lives and meet people over the net, where social networking and trending issues rule the world, scattering bad publicity is as easy as one-two-three.

How about you, any reactions on the Ramgen Revilla - Janelle Manahan video scandal Part 2?


  1. Well, this is a great post. I'm pretty sure that pervs will get disappointed once they see what's on the article. I hope that this somewhat help to discourage them from searching  the said video. Have a great day! =)

  2. Thanks Sir JoMi! I agree with what you said. 

    Well, if they get disappointed with this, at least I gave them a nice lecture on hacking.. hahaha :)

  3. madaming speculations in regards to this and i am not sure enough na hindi ganon kabilis kumalat ang ganitong video, sana for the respect nalang sa taong nawala na they just let this issue go. 

  4. Teka mali ata ako ng blog na nipuntahan... kasi alam ko techie blog to, bkt may scandal na dito? hehehe

  5. I saw an interview when one of Ramgen's family talked about this, and saying that they don't have an access on the admin account. Very lame excuse. On the other side, Janelle's lawyer, i guess, said something on TV patrol that they consulted a TECH EXPERT and that expert told them that, "Anyone can just remove the hard disk and put it on another PC to access the admin account".

    I'm not really sure about that. I never tried removing a hard drive and putting it on another PC. But I think you cannot still access the admin account even if you transfer the hard drive. Because the OPERATING SYSTEM is still there, so the admin account, password is still there. I'm just curious about that statement from Janelle's side.

  6. my post is about hacking.. heheh.. kaya pasok pa rin sa blog ko! :))

  7. I never heard that statement on Janelle's side, as you said, the OS is still there when you place it on another system, maybe what they are trying to point out is when you treat that hard disk as a slave drive it might work, though I never tried it yet also. 

    But as I have said, there are many ways to go around a locked account to access the files on it, even without removing the hard disk.  Genelyn's excuse is really a lame one.

  8. they should consider this things ..

    eventually makakalimutan din ng mga tao to.

    kung sino man talaga ang nagpakalat nito siya lang ang nakakaalam nun.

    mahirap magturo lalo na apg walang concrete evidence which is parang hindi na talaga magkakaron.hehehe

  9.  the uploader used the username gille spiegen which sounds like Gale spying on Ramgen

  10. it's weird watching their video because Ramgen is already dead. may he rest in peace.

  11. AJ Banda is correct. If the hard disk acts as a slave as opposed to a master, once the master drive is loaded, you can access the slave drive just like an ordinary drive on (My) Computer. I've tried it several years ago.

    For example, you have your computer with an existing hard disk on it. Your operating system is in that existing hard disk. If you connect, in addition to your existing hard drive, another hard drive (containing its own operating system) from another computer, your operating system (in your existing hard drive) will load, and the operating system files on the other hard drive are treated as data files and not as system files.

  12. I never heard of that.. thanks for sharing Sir Jam

  13. nice analysis, yeah, I also tried using a HDD as a slave, and yes, it does work.

  14. picogenkaku1/22/12, 9:37 PM

    Yung totoo AJ? Blog mo pa ba ito? HAHAHA! 
    Dami ko nga natutunan...
    :D Kala ko kung anong ekek yan. :D
    Nice post dre! ^^

  15. Blaine Ordinario1/24/12, 1:27 PM

    Authorities said that the source IP of the original upload came from Europe. So they also think Ramona Bautista as the main culprit for this incident.

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  16. Sounds like a terrible thing to do, even to someone who is dead. But it's very true though, a lot can be to get into Admin accounts on computers. The Life Hacker website even has an article on it, if I'm not wrong.

  17. Mabilis yata natanggal sa YouTube to hindi ko na nga naabutan ung video.