Sample Output

Here is an example of placing a default text on the password field using JQuery. Note that you are required to attach the jquery script to make sure that this guide will work.



<input class="defaultPasswordPassword" type='password' name="password" id="password" />
<input class="defaultPasswordText" title="Password" type="text" value="Password" name="fakePassword" id="fakePassword" />

For JQuery script

 // Adding Default word for password
 $(".defaultPasswordText").focus(function() {
 $(".defaultPasswordPassword").blur(function() {
  if($(".defaultPasswordPassword").val() == "") {


How it works

The script works similarly as the algorithm for the text field. The only difference is we are rendering a fake text field when the value of the input is equal to blank. Else, we would display the password text field and hide the fake input field.


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