Ymir is a day by day online game of strategy with a stand-alone client, it is not your usual browser game.

In this game, wherein you control a people of Pigmen creatures living in a fully online world.

The world is composed of regions that you can visualize as isometric maps in 2D, where you can place buildings and develop your people.
Starting with a tribe at the early Neolithic, you will have to lead them and make them evolve, discovering new knowledge, building cities, gathering resources and interacting with the other players.

In Ymir, your actions still continue even when you’re offline: that means, whether you're in the game or not, your population will produce a certain amount of resources per hour, and when connecting back to the game the next day, you'll find it all at your disposition.

Nothing stops when you quit the game, all the orders and actions you’re started are still going on. As things take time in Ymir, your buildings can require several hours to be finished: you can order a construction one day, quit the game, and you'll find it finished the next morning.

Ymir is a new city builder and management game where you will have to handle a lot of different things.

  • Economy of your civilization. Taxes and trading with other players will give you money, maintenance of your administration, buildings and population will cost you money.
  • Happiness, wealth, life quality and health of your people will determine the stability and prosperity of your society. Unhappiness might even cause your people to revolt and overthrow you... Keep your people happy with cultural and religious buildings, and keep cities clean.
  • Military strategy will require you to recruit and manage armies, defending your land against other players who might attack you to conquer or pillage.
  • Research and discovery of new knowledge, unlocking new possibilities such as new buildings or units.
  • Political decisions, defining your type of government and influencing other aspects of the game.
  • Diplomacy, dealing with your neighbors: will you make the other players around you your allies, or your enemies? Sign treaties, trade agreements, declare wars of request tributes...

The decisions you take will determine what your civilization will become. Will you allow slavery? Will you in store a universal education system? Will you choose to be a Republic or will you prefer to be a blood-thirsty tyrant? Will you be able to maintain a prosperous economy? Will you be able to create a civilization that resists the test of time?

Here is a quick glimpse of the game's development:

Well, the game is still under development, but I couldn't wait to try it as soon as I can. I'm still asking a tester access of the game. Hopefully the developer would grant my request. :)

If you have any questions about the game, you can simply write a comment below (I would really prefer English this time) or go to their official website.

You can also pass by the developer's blog over here. or like them on Facebook


  1. Is this an online game? I should try this one. Keep blogging..

  2. sana ma-addct din ako sa online games...huhuhuhu...ang weird ko tologo

  3. Thanks Eroni for posting this, really appreciate a lot... Guys hope you spread it.

    Gb Sb   Hope you really try, but as of now it's still on the development process, but very soon it will be ready for the public to enjoy. You'll love the porcos :D

  4. I assume that it is.  Based on the description I got, it was a online RTS type of game. Can't wait for the actual release, anyway, I'll keep this updated :)

  5. well, trying is always the first step to addiction :)

  6. It sound a nice game and has similar gameplay like Civilization. Maa-adik ako once na ma-try ko toh.

  7. can't wait to try it too.. :) 

    based from what I've heard from the developer, the game is still under development but will be released soon. :)

  8. Hi again guys, if you are interested with the game, you can register on the website and join the forum, so you'll be updated with the happenings and progress or state of the game, or just be there to have good talks :)

  9. Vimal Dwivedi1/10/12, 12:23 PM

    It's looks like Empire of Ages or Empire of Earth online and really looking forward to give it a try .. please let me know if it is online thanks...

  10. sure, I'll update you as soon as they're online :)