The oldest photo in my gallery was taken last July 16, 2011 while the latest was just a week ago. While I was browsing from picture to picture, a nice story just pops into my mind and I thought that it would be fun to share it.

This post is based on the chronological order, latest first, of the photos on my phone. The title would be:

"Things That Programmers Should Know"

Let's begin,

Programmers should know the importance of accuracy. He needs to be precise on his code's variables and constants, a minor miscalculation might end into something more serious.

Me, while measuring the cartolina for lettering purposes

Programmer's should know how to draw. It doesn't need to be good, as long as it can help you understand your case and problem easier, even the worst doodle can save you later on. Remember that crayons are better than keyboard when starting a program.

Doodles for the UI on one of my projects.

Learn the latest trends and techniques. There are lots of ideas scattered around you, learn how to pick-up the new things, they are better than old buggy ones.

My sister (Jewel) doing some planking over the ladder - The girl behind is my niece (Reign)

But it doesn't mean that new ones are the answer to your problem, some of them are untested so learn to take risks. But, always remember the first tip.

My brother (Mac) doing a planking -- on a dried well.

Math isn't your enemy, sometimes they are your best weapon. Don't be afraid with x and y, they are unknown. Remember that things you don't know won't hurt you. :p

Doodle of my algorithm - it really helps if you draw and analyze it on paper

Learn to value life. Sometimes you really need to get off your code in order to breathe in. Life doesn't need to end on your program. Live healthy. Be happy. Socialize with others. Have sex.

MOTH SCANDAL - Two moths making out on the wall

Learn to do candid. Expect the unexpected. There are things that would come to you at different times -- both good and bad. Expect this things to come and always prepare for it.

I accidentally press the capture button and never thought that I was taking a picture of myself.
Believe me! I wasn't prepared in here :p

Learn how to smile. Remember that there is nothing impossible for programmers. Sooner or later your code will work the way you want it, patience is the key.

My smiling pen :)

Eat well. Programmers are human too, we can't think well if our stomach is empty.

Bread Crab!!!

Find an outlet for yourself. Just like any other job, programming is stressful.

My pen collection - it's now more than 220 pieces

Hack your way out. If things don't go well still, learn to find a way to tweak it the way you wanted your code to be. The word brute force would be useless if you won't use them sometimes. Just like a gamer who needs to surrender on cheats to proceed to the next level.

Need some product key for your software? hehe

That's it! My phone gallery picture story. I hope you learned something. :)


  1. AHAHA! Medyo nandiri ako dun sa may pagkain. Kala ko tumpok ng ipis. ahaha!

    Math din bet ko, pero I don't use X and Y. I use words itself. Mas naiintindihan ko kasi ung algorithm kung words gamit ko. But it always depend on the programmer's preferences...

    ikaw na ndi prepared sa pic. wahaha :)))

  2. hindi yun ipis! alimango yun! alimango! hahaha.. hayaan mo sa susunod yung lechong tinapay naman para mas masaya... hahaha

  3. suri naman. ahahahaha! :D kala ko kasi kumakain ka ng ipis. :D

  4. Speaking of programming, medyo nagsisimula pa lang akong mag-aral through online tutorials. Para sa akin, medyo kumplikado pa din ang C++, kaya inuna ko munang pag-aralan ang HTML at CSS... Just a question: In a simplest explanation, what really is algorithm?... At paano ba gumawa nito?

  5. Bread Crab nga eh!!! hindi bread cockroach.. hahaha

  6. Ang hirap naman ng tanong mo.. hahaha

    Basically ang algorithm is yung flow ng logic sa code mo.

    Example: You are trying to create a program that adds two digit. So kung paano mo gagawin yun, yun ang tinatawag na algo. 

    Naipaliwanag ko po ba ng malinaw? :)

    Salamat pala sa pagbisita Ryan :)

  7. Paul Artie Delos Santos11/10/11, 5:18 PM

    orayt naman pala yung mga pics eh... nakakagawa ng storya! :D

  8. exactly! :) hahaha

    thanks for dropping by

  9. I bookmarked this post for a future reference aj. Very nice post!

  10. Algo is simply STEP 1 -->> STEP n.

  11. thanks.. hahaha

    It was an accident when the tips pops into my mind. I never thought that I could create such thing by just viewing my phone's gallery