Officially today, Adobe has declared the end of development of Flash for mobile devices. They stated on their announcement that instead of developing further the said software, they will focus on HTML5 and other web technologies. The latest version of Flash for Android and Blackberry, which is 11.1 (not yet launched), would be the last seen version for such mobile devices.

HTML5 being launched recently early this year has been told that it would surely rival the leading animation software. Since HTML5 shows impressive improvement on the majority of mobile devices and Flash having some issues especially on iOS, things resulted this way and Adobe's software gives up.

The question is, how about the flash developers for mobile devices? How would they take it?

The answer is this, Adobe informed developers of Flash that in the future work for the said applications, developers would be still be given a chance to distribute their programs by packaging their works as native apps with the use of Adobe AIR. The said native apps has been popular for the past few years on mobile devices and is supported on major app stores.

Meanwhile, for non-mobile flash applications, Adobe assures that Flash development would still be continued on desktop. They added that Flash Player version 12 is already on the process of developing.

Now issues arises on this statement of Adobe. The fact that Flash in mobile devices adds up more appeal to developers will now be gone considering that the support will now stop. This would be a great issue considering that we are on the era of mobile devices. Mobile device companies will also be affected to this since majority of them take this 'flash-supported capability' as their marketing strategy to gather more users (I'm talking about iOS against Android system).

Well in my opinion, I was never a fan of flash and I'm trying to avoid using this on my apps. But being a developer for Adobe AIR and for web, this changes might bring bigger issue later on for the developer especially on making sure that our applications work on different operating system including all mobile devices.


  1. Goodbye Flash! Hello HTML5 :D Wala ba namang plug in na kailngan sa HTML5 san kapa! Hahaha. Sabi ng teacher ko ang Youtube player daw is HTML5 na. Sabi nya lang indi ko lang alam kung totoo.

  2. well it looks like Flash for me.. I wonder if that is true too... thanks for sharing Christian! :)

  3. Looks like Steve Jobs was right about html5, we don't need flash because of html5. The migration indeed looks much more promising since it would offer more isolated opportunity for the developers.

    Thanks for the news man, I missed it.

  4. the problems is the developers who mastered Flash would be sad about this. Anyway, all they need to do now is to embrace the changes :)

    thanks for passing by Omo! :)

  5. That's a fact, in today's world we need to evolve faster- in reality who mastered Flash actually mastered about how to do it- tool would not be a matter.

    Flash indeed is a great tool, and more greater tools ahead of us.  When you get a better tool- you would love to get the more power from that- :)

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