Smart Telecom's New Logo

Within the war between telecommunications, we usually notice the difference in colors that each networks symbolizes: Blue for Globe, Green for Smart, Red for Touch Mobile, Orange for Talk 'n Text and finally Yellow for Sun Cellular. All of these colors are usually based on the colors of their logo.

But a few days ago, Smart has launched the new design of their logo which is totally different from their old one. This time all the colors are in there: red, blue, and yellow, and for some reason, the green isn't visible anymore. Actually, it seems like a retro theme logo for me.

Anyway, in an artist's point of view, these would be my own opinion on the new layout

  • The font was new and the way that each letter is connected might symbolize something about telecommunication. "Connecting each and every one" is what I can see.
  • The different colors might symbolize different races or different people
  • The only thing I didn't get is why they choose the circles to be like that.. it looks like Nips or M&Ms. Could there be a reason why they are separated like that? Should I connect the dots?

Whatever the reason behind this, I'm sure that this might have something to do with their marketing strategy. How about you, what can you say?

You can also watch the video below regarding their new logo:


  1. Hindi kaya signal yung ibig sabihin ng kulay?
    Green = GPRS/EDGE
    Light Blue= 3G
    Blue = HSDPA
    Red = ?
    Anyway, Indi naman ako Smart user pero mukhang maganda yung logo. Very simple.

  2. nice analysis Christian Esperar :)

    but still, di ko gets kung bakit ganun ang formation ng mga bilog. I find it a little weird.

  3. Nothings new... Buying digitel of sun cellular is something that I always see for the past 24 years. A larger company buying their smaller competitor and monopolize the business districts. well, I don't care about smart anyway. thank God globe is still coping and least assured that the market is still at competition (More competitors means more innovation in the future)

    Great post again AJ.

  4. Hindi ko sure pinagisipan mabuti ung logo pero mas ok para sakin ung dati. I tried to visit smart website kala ko blog lang ng kung sino official website pala dahil sa logo.

  5. same insights here.. parang may mali :p'

  6. thanks GbSb, I also added yours thanks! :)

  7. Very simple smart logo with lots of meaning. Simply amazing..I added you in my links Aj.

  8. same points here..

    yeah, i think it was first shown on BEP concert. By the way, nice analysis! :)

  9. bryanjoevalencia4/26/12, 1:25 PM

    It reminds me of Braille system.