Microsoft being one of the giant IT company in the world right now has launched a new contest involving security researchers all over the world. The said company aims to develop a more secure solution to comply with the fast emerging security threats on the industry.

The said contest challenges developers and security researchers (and like) to develop a runtime mitigation technology for the issues regarding memory safety vulnerabilities. The most innovative idea that will be chosen will be awarded with US $200,000.

Other important information supplied by Microsoft are the following:
  • Entries will be accepted and must be received by email to between August 3rd 2011 to midnight Pacific Time on April 1st 2012.
  • The winning entry will be announced at Black Hat USA 2012.
  • For full details, see rules and regulations.

The term BlueHat (usually used in IT) refers to people or firm employed to test systems and applications for bugs prior to launching.
From Wikipedia
In particular, Microsoft uses the term to refer to the computer security professionals they invited to find the vulnerability of their products such as Windows.

For further details about the said contest, you can see the event's site here or email them at bluehatprize[AT]microsoft[DOT]com.


  1. Interesting info and very Excellent contest....

  2. Actually I'm interested to this contest too, unfortunately, I don't have time for this yet, but I really find it interesting too.. :)

  3. Very interesting information here Aj ! If I were the winner of this contest will probably be confused to be used for what the prize money $ 200,000. Luckily I am not an IT expert, so it is impossible for me to participate in the contest from Microsoft he he. Nice post bro !