Computer Engineer
It is not a secret that I graduated at a 5-year engineering course specifically Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCoE). Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no such thing as a Computer Engineering Licensure Exam here and abroad. That means we could not own a license for our profession, but does it mean that we are not entitled to be called as Engineers too?

UPDATE: As per Steve said in the comments below, there is an examination for Professional Engineers in US for computer engineers.

'No Board Exam' Reason

The usual reason why Computer Engineers don't have board exam was because the said course is technology dependent.

As we all know, technology changes so fast right now that creating an exam based on its theories and laws (if there's such thing) would normally change as time passes by. This means that the facts and ideas 6 months ago maybe considered obsolete for the next examination. In order to resolve this, CoE (now declared as CpE) usually takes exam for certifications such as CCNA and Microsoft related certificates. But it doesn't mean nor guarantee that we can be called as Engineers.

CCNA Certification for Computer Engineer
Microsoft Certification for Computer Engineers

Though, I am not yet sure, a trusted source informed me that we are allowed to take ECE's board exam in order for us to gain the license but I haven't confirmed it yet.

'Engr' Title

I can remember that my professors who took up and graduated as Computer Engineer uses the title Engr./Engineer on their names. Based on wikipedia, the said title are only allowed or permitted when you are registered or licensed. Following this idea, having a doctor who uses his title even if he is not registered is strictly not allowed by the law.

Now the question again is, "Are we Engineers?".

Nationally Recognized Society

Let's narrow down this issue on the Philippines right now. Based from what I know (as of this writing), there is no registered and nationally recognized society or association for CoE. Usually we are tagged up to ECE's association known as IECEP (Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines).

ECE vs EE vs CoE, which is which?

Being tied up to ECE, it is always an issue whether the CoE are actually under the ECE.

Based on the book, early before computers and mobile devices where born, there is no such thing as ECE nor CoE. The closest profession under engineering related to the two profession is EE (Electrical Engineering).

Reading the history further, ECE and CoE are sub-branches of EE and so, that makes it ECE and CoE only on the same level. That means that CoE is not under ECE nor vice versa.

According to Wikipedia
Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Electronic engineering involves the design and testing of electronic circuits that use the properties of components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors to achieve a particular functionality.

Telecommunications engineering focuses on the transmission of information across a channel such as a coax cable, optical fiber or free space.

Computer engineering deals with the design of computers and computer systems. This may involve the design of new hardware, the design of PDAs and supercomputers or the use of computers to control an industrial plant. Computer engineers may also work on a system's software.

Based on the description above, we can state that though connected to each other, the said profession are different based on their field of expertise.

Now, are we entitled to be called engineers? What can you say?


  1. I do not want the "Engr" to be in any part of my name and even if I take MS or PhD, I still do not want them to be added on my name. I do not think they are necessary if I need to create/invent something. Kung kailangan, e di sabihin ko nalang na naggraduate ako sa ganito or licensed ako, pero ayaw ko malagyan yung pangalan ko ng mga additional na palamuti. :P

    Good to hear that you're enjoying your profession right now. :)

  2. I am a CoE too.. And I know I deserved to be called an engineer. Though we dont have board exam, as long as we are working in our field, we deserve that title. Those who are now licensed but working not on their field of expertise doesnt deserve that title.

  3. I was a member of IECEP (since my membership is already expired) and an ECE but I don't practice my course. I am working as an IT consultant. wala lang. may maicomment lang dito ser.

  4. To answer the question pala. Are computer engineer graduate engineers? Yes we are. Engineering is not equivalent to licensed engineers, it is more than that.

  5. Hello Mr. Bulakbol! :) 

    Actually, may inside info ako galing sa IECEP at nabalitaan ko na ang CoE ay may planong gumawa rin ng sariling IECEP.. kaya ako biglang napapost ng ganito.. :p

  6. well, I think ok lang din gumamit ng title.. as long as you never used your title on important and/or legal documents.. :p

    as of now hinahanap ko pa yung exact law stating na pwede tayo gumamit nun legally.. 

  7. Hi cryptic! based from what I heard during my college years, as long as you never used your title when signing an important/legal document, you can use it as long as you want.

  8. gusto kong mag CoE kaso sa computer science bumagsak heheeheh

  9. ok lang yun.. ako nga CoE pero madalas pang CS ang work eh.. :p

  10. actually, yung tag na "Engineer" e hindi na ginagamit pag nasa field ka na at "halos lahat" kayo e engineers. not such big deal, ang importante e yung what you know at what you can do at hindi yung what you are..

    am an EE by the way, but after short years of professional practice, am into legal/commercial arena now...

    salamat nga pala sa pagdalaw sa lungga ko..

    blog on!


  11. I am a computer science graduate and same with you, I really seek for the difference with CoE to CS. Somebody told me that CoE is more on hardware and that CS is in software, I say LOL, there's no such thing as that, computers will not work without both. For you to be called CoE and CS, you must be good at both. 

    But anyway, the certifications you have mentioned are the certifications we, CS, also vie for. But for now, we're working on to be PhilNits certified.

    Thanks for sharing. You're a great engineer! 

  12. Masterjuchan1408198/24/11, 3:13 AM

    Maybe taking Master's degree or Doctor's degree may eliminate that, parang ang lalabas dun is......
    Dr. Juan dela Cruz, parang ganun......:)))))

  13. uy.. nagpalit ka ng username.. :p

    That would be additional expense if you take masteral then doctoral. So not unless you really have money to waste or just into it, then maybe that isn't a bad idea Julius. :)

  14. Well to think of it, you have a point in there. As to where I am currently working right now, engineer nga din ang tawag sa akin. :)

    Btw, Wow.. ngayon alam ko na, na madami pa lang mga engrs sa blogging world.. :) hooray for us!

  15. To be honest, I'm also a little confuse as to what CoE's are. 

    It is true that we do hardware, but we also use/create software. I think the best term to use for us would be embedded systems or firmwares. Before we usually say, that our course is actually a combination of three courses: CS, ECE and EE. It all depends on us as to what we prioritize or preferred. Like me, I'm into the software development (which is more of a CS job) rather than Hardware as what to what they say. The important things here is I'm practicing what I have learned.BTW, you are right to say that hardware and software won't work alone unless combined. Cheers! :)

  16.  The difference between a CoE and a CS is that a CoE can work as a communication engineers. In computer science, the "computer" that they talk about is the personal computer, laptop, mainframes, etc. In CoE, "computer" means any hardware that can be commanded through a software through a programming language.

  17. I wander why my 1st comment doesn't appear here. I used mobile before. BTW, a CoE is a hybrid of ECE, CS, IT, ComTech. And since you are working on your field of expertise, you can use the title "Engr." . We deserve that.

  18. Hi cryptic. Actually you're comment is here, I imported it already to disqus. There seems to be a problem with disqus and blogger mobile template, right now I'm currently discussing it to them.

    Honestly, my position is design engineer... but that's just a common term we used here in the office. sometimes they do call me software engineer too, of which I like more :p

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  19. well differentiated cyrptic! Actually my colleagues and I do not use the term 'computer'. Instead we call it 'sytem' :)

  20. Masterjuchan1408198/25/11, 4:41 AM

    Naks nemen! hahahaha! Anyway, idea ko lang naman yun. :))

  21. Exactly! My professor also said that ECE and even us (IT) don't have an Exam because of technology. Expert can't create a benchmark of specific study to be include in exams. BTW I think ECE deserve to be have an engineer in his/her name since the word "ENGINEER" is clearly mention in the course name. Also there are many fields that ECE can master (Our CEIT chairman is an ECE master in IT)

  22. I'm a little confuse with that one, what exactly do you mean by ECE, is it Electronics and Communication (for some it's Computer) Engineering? 

    Actually ECE are the one with board exams. CoE (Cpe, CE, ComEng, CompEng or Computer Engineering) are the ones with no board exams. :)

    I agree with you that you can do masteral if you want a credited title on your name. I'm planning to take some CompSci if ever I would be taking masteral, but still that is a plan... I have no time yet to study again. :p

  23. I'm sorry for the confusion. What I mean is CoE (I'm always confuse with this). BTW I think Comp Sci is a good choice and I think it is much harder than IT since it is focus in algorithm.

  24. Nice share Josiah. But don't you want to add "Engr" on your name? 

    Honestly, I was just dragged to this course, but as time passes by, I have learned to love the profession and enjoy the fact that I can create things with my imagination.Right now, I'm on the software industry.. and so far I'm loving it! :)

  25. I graduated from Computer Engineering. I took the course because I do not want exams (board exams) and I wanted to invent things such as robots and controls. It does not bother me if I am a licensed engineer or not, or should I be called an engineer or not. All I want is to invent things and taking up the course Computer Engineering empowered me on what I want to do. :)

  26. Mireidaigatsu9/12/11, 10:43 AM

    nautusan lng po...

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  28. hi ry... bakit engineer po ba kayo at parang galit na galit kayo?

  29. welcome here Karl! yeah, I guess IT professions should also have titles provided with a license, unfortunately what we have right now are only certificates.

  30.  I was recently thinking about this issue. I'm a Computer Science graduate and I think technology guys like us deserves a title or something like that. I think tech guys are one of the most underrated professionals, just because we don't have a title. I think we deserve the same respect that the licensed engineers receive. just my opinion pal.

  31. Electrical and Computer Engr.2/2/12, 5:29 PM

    if you want to be a Professional Engineer (CoE), go to USA and take the Computer Engineering Fundamental Examination (FE).

  32. You are wrong, there is indeed a P.E. exam for computer engineering in the USA. 

  33. Thanks for that information Steve, actually here in the Philippines there is no such examinations that can be compared to a board exam for Computer Engineers. Glad that you shared such information. :)

  34. I'm a Computer Engineer graduate too from Ph. and yes it's a sin to our law if you call your self eng'r even if you not passed yet the board examination, but the thing is, we do not have that like PhD's Chef's and etc., they have title even if they do not have board exams. So there is no problem if you call your self an engineer or not, there's no punishment for using that title*

    *for computer engineering graduates only

  35. CHED issued the official acronym of computer engineering in the Philippines. It's CpE. Thus, CoE and other variants of computer engineering acronym should not be used anymore.

    Also, ECE is no longer used as an acronym. Now, it's called as EcE. Yup, that's small letter 'c'. It refers to electronics englneering. The term "communications" is dropped from the title.

    For the professional organization, there is the Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines to represent the professionals and graduates of computer engineering program. ICpEP is a SEC-registered and CHED-recognized organization. You could email for more information.

  36. teka saglet lang.. totoo ang reason kung baket walang board exam ang CpE is dahil sa pagbabago ng technology but it also applies to ECE diba.. halimbawa nalang dati di naman uso ang pagtratransmit ng mga high def na video sa TV pero now a days it exist so meaning iba ung technology noon at ngayon.. eto pa may ECE na dati na inooffer ng mga engineering schools pero mas nauna pa yang nagexist kesa sa cellphone which is isa sa topic nila sa digicomms... I'm no ECE I'm a CpE graduate of course kaya d ko maintindihan in what way nila masasabi na yan ang rason kung baket walang board kame..

  37. Let's face it: these days virtually no one who calls himself an engineer actually drives a train. So get over it.

  38. Hi! I'm a freshman taking up Computer Engineering and I am currently working on my research paper for my English class. The topic I chose was regarding Computer Engineering not having a licensure examination for itself. I just want to ask if you know or have any credible sources such as published books and academic journals about this which I can hopefully use in my paper? I have been reading things such as CpE students being allowed to take the ECE board exam, rapid technology advancement as a reason why CpE doesn't have a licensure examination, engineers not having the right to be called engineers (in legal terms) unless with a professional license, and all these other stuff from forums. I've been wanting to put them in my research paper but I have no credible sources to cite. Thank you :)

  39. Hi Iya, this post was written more than a year ago. I'm already at my fourth year in the industry and the items listed here are based sa napagtanung-tanong ko and at the same time nabasa ko rin online like you. You can read the comments below if you want to know more kasi may mag suggestions and reactions din jan na mababasa mo.

    Though, from what I've heard recently, may isang group here sa PH na naglalakad na ng papers para magkaroon ng right ang mga CpE na magkaroon ng license (This came from a reliable source, coming from a professor ng isang kilalang university dito sa Pinas ). I've forgot the group's name but it would act like ECE's IECEP.

    If you have further question, you can send me a message dun sa "Contact Page" ko. I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks.

  40. I'm just curious... What jobs can a Computer Engineer have?

  41. nakakainis ung ibang Eng, teachers sa university namin. sobra ang pangdedegrade sa CpE kasi walang board exam. wala ba talagang exam na exclusive for CpE lang? para naman may maisumbat ako kung sakali. :D

  42. i have been thinking about that too..

  43. Well, in my opinion a CpE is like a combination of three courses: ECE, EE, and CS. Having that flexibility, a CpE can have as many options as compared to those three careers. In my case, I have a job similar to a CS (software) but I can extend my field up to hardware.

  44. As far as I know, dito sa pinas ay wala pa. But as I have said below, last quarter of last year, I have heard from a reliable source na may nilalakad na na batas for us. Though, I'm not sure kung ano na ang update.

  45. According to R.A. 9292 Electronics Engineering Law of 2004, Electronics Engineers should use the "ECE" not EcE.

  46. My parents wanted me to be become a computer engineer but I got tired of the pressure. Nagbabalance ako sa school work plus trabaho plus extra kuri kuri....ang lupit pa ng test kapag di ka nag-aral which I didn't do often....kaya nag quit ako, better learn online kasi you can go at your own pace lang ang learn a lot pero maganda din yung sa klase kasi may nag-gaguide sayo kaso kapag di naman masyasdong magandan yung nag-gaguide sayo eh di patay ka rin..hehehe

  47. comp eng ako1/31/13, 12:46 PM

    Bro dont be affected to them just study hard at kapag naka pag trabaho ka na at maganda sweldo mo saka ka bumalik sa teacher mo kasi mas malaki na sweldo mo sa kanila at mas magaling ka na sa kanila hehehhe mag training ka at pagbutihan mo mabuti pag aaral ok ba

  48. How much is your wage for being Software Industry?

  49. I believe it is what you practice as a career. If you are one of the top 10 EE license passers, currently working in a call center, then the title engineer doesn't really apply. If you are a CompE graduate working as a system analyst or designing networks, then you deserve the title Software Engineer or Network Engineer. Just like the exam, its proving your worth to the society.

    People from other engineering fields will probably hate this idea...

  50. CoE be proud to be Engineers. - University of Cebu
    I work as a Senior Network Engineer from a Multinational Company and enjoy a high paying job with 4 days work and 3 days off and the option of working from home.
    Currently Certified with CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, MCP, JNCIA-ER
    Currently Specialized on both Hardware and Software.
    Doing Web Designing/Application Development as sideline during free time.
    Sometime doing embeded design for own consumption.

    Current hobbies are Photography using Nikon DSLR & Mountain Climbing :)

    CoE can work with the below high paying jobs:
    Hardware Engineer for Embedded System
    Software Engineer
    Network Engineer.
    Voice Engineer

  51. in what kind of companies do CoEs usually work, sir? I'm just curious because I'm an upcoming college student taking up the course CoE and I don't know if I chose the right course for me, I mean I like that course because it tackles mostly computers (which I am fond of since I'm always in front of my computer). I just don't know if it will be easy to get a job by being a CoE since were not licensed engineers. Should I go for this course?

  52. Hi. I'm 4th year this School year, and hindi ko pa talaga alam kung anong course ung kukunin ko </3


    -Computer Engineering
    -Computer Science?

    Can you suggest other courses po na Connected with Computer? or can you differentiate this courses? :)) THANK YOU! :D

  53. Engr. King Rama6/2/13, 5:07 AM

    Based from what I know, there is no registered and nationally recognized society or association for CoE. Usually we are tagged up to ECE's association known as IECEP (Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines).


    There is a registered society or association for computer engineers, the ICPEP (Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines) and (Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines - Student Edition)

  54. sundin mo kng anu gusto mo ^^
    kng gusto mo mag Computer Engineering.....
    wag underestimate CpE....
    kala lng nila easy....
    easy ka sa iyak........
    pag dka prati mag aral...... ^^
    and you will be making
    programs that will make you scratch your head...
    hardware designs that will make you destroy it because you ain't having the actual output......
    a course full of adventure sure of that ^^

  55. Good Day! Nice article... Actually, yan din po ang tumatakbo sa isip ko everytime na tatanungin ko yung sarili ko kung tama ba na CpE ang pinili kong course... Im a Second Year College this academic year , in a not so well known campus kasi bago plng xa.. And meron akong prof na gumagamit ng Engr sa name nya, and he is a CpE graduate and the coordinator of our CCS Dept pero kahit na CpE grad sya makaIT and CS students xa... Nkkaasar nga eh.. Anyway, as of now ICpEP (Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines) ang organization para sa mga Computer Engineeeing Graduates and may student edition din sya ..

    Now, looking forward for a good future for the Computer Engineers here in the Philippines...
    God Bless!
    Thank you for this article

  56. Even we don't have Board Exam were still Engineers when we graduate. After 5 Yrs of Suffering on MATH's,Strict Profs,Thesis And Comp. subjects we have the right to be called Engineers too. Computer Engineers is one of the most high paid jobs abroad. I wish in Phil. too. Lol XD. They shouldn't underestimate us.
    By the way im incoming 2nd yr. BSCpE Student. 16 yrs.old & I'm proud to be a CpE.

  57. Guest is good6/28/13, 6:22 PM

    The registered CpE association at the Securities and Exchange Commission should seek help of a lawmaker particularly a Senator or Congressman to lobby a CpE Law at the senate or congress. This CpE Law (draft) is crafted by registered association with Legal advisers (retired Justices of the SC, just an example) to be submitted at the office of the senator or congressman who accepted to lobby it to the senate or congress. Once it passed and signed by the President of the Philippines, it will become a Law. The registered CpE association will now be called an Association of Professional Organization (APO), they are now tasked to submit names of Outstanding CpE professionals to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Now PRC will deliberate or study the credentials of the CpE professional if they are qualified to be an examiner. If they passed, the PRC will submit their recommendation to the Office of the President and take their oath with the President of the Philippines (appointees). As a Board Examiner, they are tasked to craft board exam questions, rules, guidelines for the examinees.

    As you have read, it all starts with the registered CpE association. I know it will be very difficult and lots of hardships that will be encountered in making this a reality, but as a CpE we were all educated and trained to have enthusiasm, devotion, eagerness and most importantly our LOVE of the profession. That I believe, that one day all CpE graduates will be a registered professionals.

  58. I am Computer Engineer and work as BMS Engineer here in Amerika only in the philippines no PE for Computer Engineer like us.. We Innovate technology for the future lels be in america there is PE PRC should organized these matter.

  59. Proud_2_b_CpE9/22/13, 6:21 PM

    paulit ulit lng exam nila.. wag kang mahiya kpg tau ngka exam。 tlgag mahirap electronics, communication programming.. software.. e2 pa ang mahirap ang current events..

  60. proud to be cpe9/22/13, 6:30 PM

    yan tama yan tol.. yan ang sabhin mo tpos galingan mo..may kakilala ako teacher ng ECE n plgeng inunderstimate ang CpE.. nagka studyante sya ng CpE.. actually sya lng grumaduate n cpe samin. naging teacher din sya sa engineering.. all around sya khit ano ituro nyaalam nya.. yung ece teacher d nya ma understimate yung cpe students.. alam nya n mas magaling pa s knya。

  61. proud to be cpe9/22/13, 6:33 PM

    ECE COMSCI EE IT = CpE.. gets

  62. proud to be CpE9/22/13, 6:39 PM

    tama ka jan tol.. CpE din ko.. yearly po nagbabago sa computer technology.. minsan p nga twice..kung sa siang curriculum may 5 years tau.. next curriculum.. or next 5 years ba ibang era na.. 5 years n nadagdag .. sa 5 years dami n agad pagbabago. compare sa ece..

  63. hi! anu p kaya magandang thesis pang computer engineering? ung madali lng po sana salamat

  64. i'm CoE, make an automated egg incubator,

  65. tanong lang po 4rth year din po ako ngayon. ano po ba ang pwdng exam para sa computer enginers? kasi sa pag kaka alam ko wala pong board exam ang computer engineering

  66. I'm a Chemical Engineer. Nice post. From the title itself, Computer Engineering. You are practicing engineering, so might as well you can be called an engineer. Come to think of it, you've been practicing boxing for 5 years, tapos may laban ka, tapos ndi ka tatawagin na boxer? Dba? Board exam is for the title, yes. And ANOTHER REASON for other engineers have board exam because they CAN BE or BEING EXPECTED to work on industry where life COULD BE on the line. So basically, a purpose of the board exam is to see if an exam taker is fully knowledgable about principles of his/her field. For an IE, matagal na silang course pero bat wala silang board exam dba, kasi they manage the business flow and people. Parang HR sila.

  67. I'm James, a computer engineering alumni of one of the best engineering schools in the Philippines.As far as I am concerned, after graduation, we can already call ourselves Engineers already. Though we don't have board exams or whatever exam there is, we studied hard the same as other branches of engineering did.

  68. d_last_of_CoEs9/11/14, 9:04 PM

    We do have the ICpEP. :)

  69. Kennedy A. Figuerra9/19/14, 11:02 AM

    hi , Im a 5th year coE po,may prof ako dti na minamaliit ang coe kc wala daw board "ENGINEERING NA WLANG BOARD" , kaya tuloy ngaun napapaisip ako, sa dami dami ng math subjects at sa dami ng thesis na halos mabaliw kana sa kakacompile ng codes at sa design ng hardware ,parang inaunderestimate nila ang COE :(

    anu po kaya ang magandang isagot sa mga ganung tao pag minaliit ang COE?

  70. For me, we can be called also as Engineer. In engineering history, old practitioners of engineering, self-proclaimed that they are engineer even though they don't take up any examination.
    Just for example, Nicola Tesla was definitely an engineer. In his time, there's no any exams for his profession.

  71. denmarkdenamarca2/14/15, 7:55 PM

    Im denmark denamarca from alabang muntinlupa city,,,,, and engineering? yes

  72. Okay lang yan. e ako. undergraduate ng Computer Engineering, kasi kapos sa pera noon, tapos nag shift ako as IT na 2 years lang sa informatiics. ngayon mataas pa sweldo ko sa mga Civil Engineers dito at ang work ko is a Senior System Engineer. e pano ngayon yan? haha

  73. Leandro Castillo6/14/15, 12:49 AM

    Hello im Leandro Castillo, also a BSCoE grad. Im former instructor for ECE ang CpE now im a product specialist for computer and rlectronics equipment...we can call ourselves Engineer because this is what we are and by practicing what we have learned during our college. Even they saying that we are self proclaiming, dont mind them. The title is not by papers to validate but by means of your work as an engineer..there are some have passed with the board exam and called themselves as engineer but the knowledge they have is a theory not in actual..better to be an engineer in actual by means of work that you can do not by means of theory...

  74. Clinton Laker7/23/15, 9:13 AM

    Maganda pag may board. Pra nasasala yung best.. cpe