Hello friends, here's another Blue Moon post! I just found another interesting video over the net and I thought of sharing this to each and everyone. The video itself is uploaded on NewGrounds.com.

The story is actually a series about a battle between an animator and his animation. Have you imagined what will happen if your animation has gain a mind of its own? now you'll know by watching this 3-part series animation. Not only that the animation is moving on it's own.. even the other desktop icons fight to save the whole computer for the sake of the animator!

Video Requirement: You need to have a flash player plugin on your browser to watch the series.

Story Series by Alan Becker (uploaded by noogai)

The first of the series shows how the animator creates the first stick figure victim. Now, is he really the victim?
The stick figure is back, and now stronger as being the chosen one! This video will surely give you a nice suggestion for the best anti-virus in town! :)
He has returned after escaping the slavery! and now there's more.. the lord of darkness!



  1. Interesting to do this, nicely shared, thanks....

  2. welcome back Rebi.. it's nice to always see you here.. hope you enjoy reading.. :)


  3. Looks good to see! Imagine! Your own created animation can think by their own.

  4. haha thanks for linking to the third one, i've only seen the first two :D