I have been wandering in the blogosphere since 2008, and from here I learn a lot of things and thought of summing it up to 10 simple rules. I'm calling it the Blogger's Decalogue to add some spice to this list. So here it is:

  1. You should know the idea of originality.

    In this era, originality is pretty hard to look for. But as placing a handful of your creativity and adding your opinion makes one article unique. This means that even if you are posting the same topic as the other blogger, even if you have the same stand on a certain issue, your opinion makes your article unique.

  2. You should know the art of sharing.

    You cannot deny that the internet has saved you from a lot of school projects. Up to now that you are working, the internet (especially Google) has answered most of your question. In return, a blogger must know that in a simple way of posting his articles, he is returning the favor that internet gave him. It's a basic law of give-and-take. Share the knowledge to the world. Who knows, your little thoughts can be a great life saver for the others.

  3. You should know the essence of feedback

    Commenting system is a basic tool of receiving feedback from your visitors. This could make or break you as a blogger. You should know that like people in democratic countries, comments comes in different colors and ways. It is your task as a blogger on how to handle this. Just remember, although praises are good, criticism could be better if you know how to handle them.

  4. You should know the value of friendship

    Blogs can reach out even the other end of the world. From comments and visitors, a blogger earns friends ranging from all over the place. It is one of the best things blogging can give you.

  5. You should know your responsibilities

    Fact: It is your blog and you have every right in the world to post anything you want. Though, there is one thing that you should keep on mind, is it worth posting? Not because you think that search bots would love your post, your article is worth publishing. If you are doing this to degrade a person or to make false issues and hoax, then keep all to yourself. This is against Rule 4!

  6. You should know how to stand on your point

    In case you cannot avoid the worst case on Rule 5: The fact that you post your blog on the internet, you should be aware that the world can read it. If you post something that is too controversial, learn to stand on your point. Based on Rule 1, your blog is your opinion and your opinion comes from you so stand on it! Blaming won't solve the case!

  7. You should know the power of "Edit"

    As the funny line suggests "SYNONYMS are words use to replace words you don't know or you can't spell", there are many ways to attack a certain issue on your post. If you think that words are too offensive you can simply edit and update it. Also, if your post is way too old and you think it deserves some adjustment, then updating it won't hurt anyone. Always remember that you are sharing information and updating old and false information for the good of everyone is one way to build a good reputation on the blogospehere.

  8. You should know how to say "Thank You"

    Take it this way: you blog to share knowledge, you hope that someone who needs it might read your post, and you were hoping to be recognized by the help you gave. Now consider it the other way around, it won't hurt you if you say thank you to other bloggers and recognized them for helping you. A simple "Thanks for this" won't take a minute to type, but will surely last on the receiver's mind.

  9. You should know the saying "Strike while the Iron is Hot"

    This for me is the most helpful thing that the blogger needs to consider. It's as simple as saying "Being Trendy is Awesome". I don't think that it needs further explanation.

  10. You should learn how to value your time

    Perfect for me! I admit that lately I'm into too much blogging that I couldn't do other things. So for the last rule, learn to prioritize. Unless you're a full-time blogger, then learn to balance your time between blogging and your tasks before it is too late.

Always remember, blogging is not all about posting and designing how it looks, it's about your contents and what you do with it.

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  5. I agree with many things you have said. For me it all boils down to your ethics as a blogger and as a person. Your personality reflects on the way you write and the way you treat other bloggers.

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