GIMP edited photo

Been out for four days, but during those vacation time, I was able to learn another interesting skill. Yup, I just learned how to draw again this time using GIMP and cellphone camera. Three years din ata ako nablanko sa idea at gana. That would be the most difficult thing to gain when you are creating an art.

I'm thanking Teacher Mots for his blog that give me the inspiration to draw again. Gusto ko syang pasalamatan but unfortunately hindi ko mahanap yung contacts nya. So if ever you know this guy send my thanks to him.

So what's so special with this drawing? Well based on what I read from Teacher Mots blog, he used cellphone camera too and edit the picture in Photoshop. In my case, I used GIMP to do the job - GIMP was actually an open-source picture editor similar to Adobe's Photoshop.

So here is the examples of my first come back as an artist: (Pagpasensyahan nyo na po muna, matagal ding walang practis eh.. :p)

The Dryad of my Tree

Me of course

Nothing beats my "Beneath the Tree" drawing... :)

So again.. thanks kay teacher! Soon I will try the camera vs pencil art.. it looks exciting.. :)

*All images were created by Aj Banda and cannot be used for any purposes without the artist's permission.


  1. interesting.. gusto ko ring matuto ng mga ganyan kasi yung mga napo-post ko na comic strips sa tumblr ko, puro old-school pa rin e, mano-mano... interesting to pare.. ituloi mo lang.. hehehe

  2. thanks jesse, madali lang sya matutunan.. at higit sa lahat tipid pa kasi di na kailangan ng scanner at  licensed photoshop.. :) enjoy pa gawin!

  3. yun nga e.. wala pa naman din akong scanner, ginagawa ko, pinipiktyuran ko lang.. hehehe.. basta thanks dito, ita-try ko to minsan..

  4. wow Aj, this is awesome stuff man literally! I tried drawing some stuff with photoshop before, i just couldn't get it, i can never draw anything that good like your pics here, mind telling me how long does it take to draw each of them?

    btw the pic of yourself is so good!

  5. Julius King Chua9/2/11, 12:25 AM

    so kailangan may copyright? :)) LOL ^^ jok lang. ahahahahaha!
    naks, kaw na may magandang droweng! next time, magdodroweng din ako :)) LOL ^^ panget lang kasi ng camera ko eh... :(( pampulubeng mp5 lang...(yung nabibili kung sansan)

  6. kailangan talaga ng copyright.. hahahaha...

    pangit din phone cam ko.. 2mp lang tapos walang flash.. LOL.... so kailangan ko pa maghintay ng umaga para lang mag-picture-picture.. hahaha

  7. glad that you like the animated me.. hahahah

    Actually, I draw them when I was in college back on the days when I still have lots of time. Then during the weekends while I was fixing my stuff, I saw this one and took a picture of it using my phone cam. Edited it using GIMP and booom! the picture is done.. :) Well, maybe sometime I'll post a tutorial on how to do this thing... It was really a nice thing to learn considering that it doesn't use scanner nor license for Photoshop.. :p

  8. Magaling ka pala magdrawing AJ. Nice2 nagamit din ako photoshop pero indi ako kasing galing mo. Imba!