It has been two weeks already since Google launches its own version of social networking site known as Google+. The said social networking site aims to compete to Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook which has been reported to have over 750 million users in 2011.

Currently it was launched for a limited amount of users in a per-invite basis. (Good thing I was able to find a nice blogger who was able to invite me in the said networking site. All thanks to Daniel Mortiz of chopsueyrice.) I'm not specifically sure of this, but I think Google+ is still on it's open beta stage, probably for bug testing.

Google+ integrates and connects other social services such as Google Buzz and other google services and products such as Google Profile, Picasa and GMail. The term circle was used by Google+ to refer to organize your contacts that can even be categorized to groups. It has also a place called hangouts wherein (never tested yet due to small my number of contacts on the said networking site; this description is based on wikipedia) you can facilitate a group video chat (with a maximum of 10 people participating in a single Hangout at any point of time).

Due to this new service, most of Google's services and products has undergo UI (User Interface) updates including Google search, GMail and other services under the said company. On the other side of this, there are also cases I have heard that some services are having access issues and other request related errors. Also I notice that once you logged in to google groups, you'll see a highlited text saying the following:

As of [A_CERTAIN_DATE_THAT_SEEMS_TO_BE_CHANGING?], Groups profiles have been disabled. Your profile information will be available for export from your profile until [A_CERTAIN_DATE_THAT_SEEMS_TO_BE_CHANGING?]. This change will not affect the nicknames you might have chosen for yourself to participate in groups. It will only affect the custom profiles fields, such as your photo, location, and occupation. More details are available here.

This text seems to be tied up with google profile that seems to be affected of the launch of Google+. With this issues regarding the services, could it be the same reason why some sites are reported to have sudden drop of visitors and ranking? I'm still trying to resolve this by finding if it has any connection to the said launching.

Right now, i'm still trying Google+, who knows it'll grow as it was planned.. Google seems to be trying to conquer the networking sites (right after creating their own browser and operating system), probably in the next few years they will be launching their own country or planet.. :)

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  1. Nice insights. I think it really is the new Facebook... Though there are difference in some ways, for me Facebook = Evil, while Google = Goodness and better life. You can see these differences from their terms and privacy as well as policy. Google is a mature and well respected company through years while Facebook is a fast yet inexperienced in this terms, as well as bad history of it's founder. There's also problems that need to be fixed in Facebook Algos, though they created a new one while not fixing some apps yet. That unprofessional! Thanks for making me post here. and Hey, I suggest you avoid running CoDotCc domains cause Google penalized this domains now... good luck.

  2. hi ken.. glad to have you here.. well you can invite me (see link below the post).. thanks for visiting :)

  3. i have an account.. but not bothered to use it :P

  4. thanks Rudraksh for visting my site (I hope I got your name right). I agree that Google is one of the best site right now as well as Facebook being the lead on social networking site. But as far as technology is concerned, we could not tell who's gonna win.. 

  5. Although the Google is the world's no 1 site and has bounded the users to itself by its applications and services, but I think Google + could not beat Facebook as it have more that 50 million users.

  6. Thanks for the concern regarding the domain, actually Gian Faye already emailed me about this and so I suddenly changed my domain back to blogspot. But it seems that most of my links are suffering from it. Some of my comments from disqus are missing too. Anyway, for the links with still CoDotCc, I already found a way to redirect the said domain to my current blogspot domain...

    With regards to facebook and google, I don't think that it's right to compare their product with the founder.. just look at Bill Gates and Microsoft. :p

  7. For me rivalry gives a good reason for improvement.. So it's very exciting to wait what would happen for the next few months about this launch of google.. 

    I can still remember how android worked hard to have it's current status on operating systems.. who knows Google+ might have the same faith.. :)

  8. Somewhat! In a social media sense, G+ would really be another Facebook. But as you can see Facebook has also revealing a lot of features nowadays to counteract to the emerging G+. This is really an exciting class. 

    Thaks for sharing this post. Great job. I enjoyed the photo.