Clear Search History on Notepad++
I was searching a way to delete my search and replace history on Notepad++.

By browsing through the files of the said application I was able to do it by editing some of its configuration files and here is what I did:

  1. First, locate the application data folder of notepad++. This should be located at

    for XP

    C:\Documents and Settings\[REPLACE_WITH_USER]\Application Data\Notepad++

    For Vista or Win7 it should be somewhere on


    NOTE: This is a hidden folder so it is advisable to make the hidden folders viewable.

  2. Locate and open config.xml to notepad for editing. Take note use notepad not notepad++, for some reason, editing it on notepad++ doesn't save the updates you'll be doing.

  3. Delete the lines with tags:

    to remove, "search" history:
    <Find name="[REPLACE_WORD]".../>

    and to remove "replace" history
    <Replace name="[REPLACE_WORD]" ..../>

  4. Save config.xml. If Notepad++ is open, close and then re-open it again.


  1. I am using notepad++ too, it's really great and flexible.Better than the default windows notepad.Thanks for sharing my friend...:)

  2. Yeah, notepad++ is one of the best utility to use when you are a programmer..

  3. Shyam Sundar T R9/18/11, 9:58 PM

    Amazing hack. Thanks!

  4. Note: do not use Notepad++ to clear the history.