Google plus has been out and most of the people are now trying it. For bloggers like me, taking adavantage of Web 2.0 through this social networking site is a great way to build communication from loyal readers. In order to make use of Google+, adding a widget for this new social networking site is one way to connect to your fellow readers and thus help in promoting your blog.

One important thing about widgets is that it needs to be attractive enough for the user to interact with. The link below is one way to add a nice customizable badge for your goolge plus account. It doesn't just create a one-click button for your site or blog it also allows you to see the number of people who have you in their circle. You can also add an update list for this similar to a twitter widget.

To create the said widget, go to widgetplus and customize your own widget. Make sure to know first your google plus ID by visiting your Google+ profile. The G+ Id can be seen on the address bar when you go to your profile, the number between the and /posts is your google plus id.

You can view the live demo of the widget on this blog (See upper corner of my sidebar). Go and try it!


  1. Your welcome Ben, you may want to try Google Authorship too. I think it's one of the coolest feature of Google that ties up with G+. :)

  2. Hello AJ, thanks for sharing. I only know these from here.Thumbs up buddy!