It has been six months since I purchase an Android phone. My original plan is to study and create an application for this. Unfortunately, I haven't got far enough to learn this.. I just couldn't find time. So all I can do for now is to enjoy this and play with some of the most useful apps out in the market.

List of my Favorite Applications

1) Pokédroid

As the name suggests, it is an pokémon application created by a pokéfan for the pokéfan. It is actually a version of Pokédex created for Android. It has all the basic info that you might be needing when playing the game and ranges from the 1st gen to the latest version of pokemon. The nicest thing about this is it talks like the normal Pokédex. Bad thing is The Pokemon Company (TPC) is now removing all pokémon related apps in the droid market, and that includes this application. This was created by Nolan Lawson.

2) Opera Mini

I find this browser more useful than the default one. It has almost all the functions a normal opera browser has. Pretty neat!

3) Gameboid

Of course, any gamer would like to play anytime and anywhere if he wishes. Thanks to Gameboid and now I can do that with all my GBA games. Hahaha... Hoenn region here I come *again*. I've got the trial version, one thing that it doesn't have right now (being a trial) is the ability to load games from quick save. Well I won't be needing it anyway, a good gamer knows how to save and load... :)
Other than that, the emulator seems ok for me. All you need to do is find over the net the GBA BIOS and you're off to go and enjoy!

UPDATE:  I'm removing the link to the GBA BIOS since distributing/linking a BIOS file is illegal... Better safe than never.. So just ask Mr. Google, I bet he has lots of sources where you can download it. :)

4) AndroZip

Basically a compression/decompression tool for android, pretty handy most of the time for me, especially when I'm trying to hide some files on my phone... >:)

So far that is all of my favorite apps, though I have more applications installed, this four are the most used.


  1. mireidaigatsu6/18/11, 12:19 AM

    huwaw nkaandroid yman hehe

  2. that is my dream phone this year.. so the moment I got a chance, I bought it without thinking... heheh

  3. Opera Mini is the best mobile browser for me. :)

    Ayoko din magroot, natatakot pa ko eh. Though rooting your phone is advisable only if you are knowledgeable enough to try it.