It seems that blogger is currently suffering from a wide spread failure. Currently a thread was created to accommodate this by Martins (as his username says).

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12:38 PM
An issue has developed, I have reported this to engineers.


An issue has developed, I have reported this to engineers.

Please use this thread if you cannot access Blogger.

Thank you for your patience, we seem to be all in the same boat at the moment.


  1. Yeah, this error is very common on Blogger but it's really annoying.Last Feb, I have suffered also another Blogger error but I luckily found the solution ; it's a corrupt blogger template..:)

  2. Thanks for the visit Bennix..

    well this one is different..actually it happens on the day I posted this article, for some reason blogger suddenly stops and started producing error... it happened to all bloggers at the same time. Effects of this are: you cannot open blogger dashboad, could not comment on articles and other blogspot related services.

    well good thing they have fixed it.. but it took them almost half day to resolved this...

  3. I was re-decorating my blogger  .. then I got the 'Bad Request Error 400' ..   I re-formatted my computer, reloaded all .. I can now access my Blogger sites .. Don't know what the problem is/was, but I solved it by reloading my computer to Out-of-Box condition, all is perfect now  .. I have an alert set up for this Error 400 .. Masses of people are having problems daily ..

  4. Error 400 in web definition is a request to server related issue. Usually this is cause of bad syntax.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by Miss Cinderella.