Run TinyXP at Unix using VirtualMachine
I have been a Unix user in the office since the last quarter of last year, a Centos box to be exact. There are some issues I have found on this OS specifically with some software that even Wine has having issues on running on Unix systems. One would be installing different browsers for my cross browser checking. To cut the story short, instead of using two computers with different OS, I just installed a Virtual Box to be able to run Windows on my system.

  1. First thing to do is to download a a Virtual Box depending on your system, in my case, I'm using the version for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 ("RHEL5") / Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 ("OEL5") / CentOS 5 with 32 bytes.

    You can download and check your version here: VirtualBox Downloads

    Take note that what you are downloading is based on your host system (the one where you are installing it) and not the client.

  2. Install virtual box on your system. Steps should be done in a few clicks and is easy to follow.

  3. After you have installed the system, run and create a new Virtual Machine. This will guide you on how to create one: Create Virtual Machine

  4. Running a new virtual machine is similar on running a new computer with NO operating system.

    I suggest downloading TinyXP (You can search the net for the latest version of the software) in ISO format.

  5. After this you can just install and run all your windows software using your virtual box.

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