My Christmas Wish This Year: A NOKIA C7
Well it's Christmas season and everyone is already buying their love ones gifts for the most awaited celebration of the year. On the other hand, people tend to create a list of all the gifts they want to receive on the 25th day of this month, similarly I created my own list as early as December 1st. Among those items on the list, I have entered that I want a new phone.. and that's a fact!

As of this year, lots of smart phones are coming on the market like mushrooms and oh I already told myself that I'm getting one of those. Upon diving through the blue nowhere with the aid of google, i just find out this new phone.. the Nokia C7.. and so again my brain just shouts that I want that phone!

So why Nokia C7? well other than being from Nokia which is a known mobile brand here in the Philippines I again asked my dear google to seek for the features of this smart phone. Most of the features listed as I see them are similar to other handsets, but being technologically inclined and is concerned with the looks of the phone, there are some things that attracts my attention.

One feature I find is the design itself, being a guy who keeps his phone on his pocket all the time, I always make sure that the phone is not bulky enough when place on jeans' pockets. It's sleek design, customizable colors and themes and stainless steel adds the plus points for its nice look. It's like a phone used by James Bond (ooh perfect for me! I can now call myself James Band [guess what my real name is...] after all.. hahaha).

As of today, I'm being addicted to lots of social networking sites, forums and blogging. I've been to facebook, twitter, tumblr and blogger every now and then. Also as a software developer who specializes on web developing, Internet is always a must for me. Being connected especially with my emails is a major part of my life. So that's where the other feature of Nokia C7 enters. That is one of the key features that I'm always looking for a phone.. It must give me a way to connect through the world not just by text or call but also by Internet. It's WLAN capability and GPRS and HSDPA gives me the comfort that I'll be connected in any manner I want. Also, the device itself can act as a data modem for your other system. Now that is what I'm looking for.

Accelerometer, Magnetometer, proximity sensors - this may sound like 'huh?' to others but being on the side of technology, this is another plus points for me. Honestly, accelerometer and proximity sensors are not new for me, you can find it on almost all new handsets right now. The thing that makes me go wow was the magnetometer. This device is used for applications that uses compass capability. As we all know, analog compass uses magnets to detect the location, and as far as I know, only few handsets support this. Now that is a great addition to its best qualities.

As I have mention before, I am a software developer and I really wanted to create applications for the phones. Nokia C7 runs on Symbian^3 OS. Most of it's components with regards to software platform are already supported by other phones, but one remarkable feature is the Flash Lite. Correct me if I'm wrong, but only few phones supports FLV videos. Even if you play videos from the Internet using the phone, videos are still converted and there are some websites that cannot be displayed because it runs on Flash. This problem with other phones makes my head ache.. Ever heard of cross-platform issues on web developing? (That is based on experience with the white fruit phones.. ahem-ahem...)

Now after listing these items, I just wished someone special just passed by this blog and give me this gift for Christmas.. or if ever, just forward this to Santa Claus for me.. Advance Merry Christmas everyone! And oh.. Advance Happy New Year to all and Happy Birthday to me! Which makes this blog not just a christmas wish but also a birthday wish! :)


  1. Good luck po sa contest! Merry Christmas po sayo! gandang regalo talaga ng Nokia C7