I was studying flex for the past few days, all of a sudden I realize something weird with my packages.

I am using Eclipse in Linux and Flex Builder 3 (as of now the latest version of Flex on Linux). What I'm about to use is flash.* package but everytime I tried to type "flash." for importing, all that is shown up is errors (meaning only flash.errors is available)

I tried to search the net about this issue and so I found out that this is mostly caused by broken SDK paths or links with the SDK.

One solution they suggest was to re-install the SDK.

To do that

  1. Click Window > Flex > Editors > Installed FLex SDKs
  2. Click on the SDK that you are using
  3. Click Remove
  4. Click Add and browse on the SDK that you are using (the SDK that you have just removed)
  5. Click Ok

NOTE: There are some articles on the net that says that you can just change workspace to make it work again.

UPDATE: As of 2011, the support for Flex Builder 3 for Linux is now removed. Adobe won't be providing any updates nor packages for this product for Unix users.