Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer) is one tool you can use as FTP client for networked computers and systems. This is similar to using your Internet Explorer, so that means that the methods of accessing is similar on both parts.

How to's:

1) Open your Windows Explorer (or Internet Explorer browser).

2) Since we are sing FTP we will use ftp:// instead of the usual http:// , so in your address bar or file address bar type


Here you would see the files on the server that is viewable for the public.

3) If you would want to access the private files on the server and is aware of the username and password, you may want to right-click on the screen of the explorer and click "Login as".
Alternatively, you can just type on the address bar as

(default port for ftp is 22)

The later one is not recommended since it shows the password directly compared to the first procedure that shows a dialogue box wherein you can enter your username and password.