It's almost one year and 8 months since I was assigned to this project. As of the last quarter last year, A-B-SIS has been updgraded to a new version which is far more advance than the previous one.

From the single school level of version 2.0, the system can now handle different levels in just one site. All school levels are now supported from pre-school to college levels.

Sample Screenshot of Teacher's Evaluation

 Accounting system

There are additional features that were added on the site like "logged-in users monitoring", "Photos on Announcement", and "Customizable Payment Plans". Additional printer friendly forms are added plus the layout can now be interchange from the default to a more personal one. This enables the school to customize the SIS not just with the colors but also the banners and footer. Security has been improved by implementing the "Session Timeout Feature" that automatically logs out the user at a certain idle time.

For the past few months, more and more features have been added (and will be added..) other than these, it would be better to just try it out at our site than lsiting everything here.

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