How the Grinch Penetrates Defenses

       12/19/2012        Guest Post , Infographic

How Grinch Penetrates Defenses
Christmas is the time of celebrations, laughter, good food and family. We make all the preparations and take care of the minute details to make it a perfect Christmas experience. But the slightest of mistake can shatter your happiness and wash away all your efforts. This is what the Grinch has been looking for all the while.

The green Grinch is envious of your happiness and all the celebrations going in your home. He has recruited his army of Grinches who would do anything to bring your spirits down and spoil your celebrations. Grinches in the tech world are after the most precious commodity you have – the data.

Whoever breaches your data has access to details of your personal and professional lives, which is mostly stolen to misuse it. This Christmas protect your data to keep yourself from becoming one of the statistics of data breach. For more information have a look at the pictorial representation of the Data Breach Investigations report 2012.


  1. Capture that Grinch! BTW, Happy New year idol!

  2. merry xmas and happy new year too jam :)

  3. Happy New Year AJ!A worth-reading infographics about Grinch...

  4. thanks ben.. happy new year too ^_^


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